Monday, 17 February 2014

Book Review of The Prophecy of Trivine

The Prophecy of Trivine
The story starts within a college where Phil, the hacker is on the verge of getting caught by police for hacking the government’s website and leaking out sensitive information. Next as he runs away from the police he heads into the forest for protection and finds an old and dilapidated building which is not inhabited but latter finds that it is occupied by a scientist, Shiv. Now it was the turn of the authors to introduce the next character Arty, a painter who meets Shiv in the jungle, while catching a fish.

Now little did the three know that they hold in their hands the future of mankind, and much beyond imagination, they are connected through an ancient Prophesy that was long lost in the sands of time.

My review

I just loved the book, as such I love sci-fi books and anything that has alien on it is a must read book for me. The book is filled with all the stuff that keeps you in the hunt for what happens next as the pages are turned over. And once you have quenched your thirst, you are thirsty for more and it stops only when you have reached the last page.
                             Alien technology married to creativity and imagination is something that is what you will discover in this book. So, start imagining for the book will give you goose bumps as you turn the pages. A lot was expected from the ending, it wasn’t as much expected, and there should have been a twist in the end rather it ended without a hint. But overall it was on imaginations and the plot was based on the facts known to mankind, but the plot and the sequence of events were good and unpredictable.

I am thankful to Tnahsin for considering me to review this book. It was indeed fun and great to read the book. Hope, you fascinated the world with your imaginations and creativity with your next novel.
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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Book Review of The Hunt for Kohinoor

The Hunt for Kohinoor
In the book, The Hunt for Kohinoor, Mehrunisa undertakes a nerve gruelling task on which, her father and Nation’s future is at stake. Mehrunisa knowledge on the Mughal History and in the Renaissance studies and being a natural linguistic, fluent in six languages makes herself the prefect bet to find his missing father and is lured up by RAW to save her country and in turn his father the “Snow Leopard”.
“Do you know there has never been a verified unprompted leopard attack on a human being? The only time the cat might become aggressive is if its cubs are threatened or it is” is the quote that I liked the most.
My Review
The story started on a lower note and after a few pages it caught up the pace with the fast changing situations and is an must page turner. There are many revelations about the history of India and Pakistan, which is quite fascinating. The plot is well placed and the story takes a quite interesting note when Mehrunisa’s father comes into action, the Snow Leopard. Raghav, Mehrunisa and R. P. Singh love triangle was brought action but was abruptly ended as the story progressed. Let us wait for the next book “The Peacock Throne Prophesy” to find out whom Mehrunisa chooses.
                                                Long story short The Hunt for Kohinoor establishes Mehrunisa as India’s lady spy who can decipher the past with her skill that she had gained being the daughter of RAW agent, and it shows her character of putting her country in the first place rather than anything else like her father. And the story reveals the extent and the limits she jumps over to protect her country and her father.

A must buy for anyone who has interest on the history of India and Pakistan mostly and who has the taste for adventure.

My review is done on request of “Varsha Venugopal” for Westland Ltd. I am indeed very thankful to Varsha for considering me to review the book “The Hunt for Kohinoor”, by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar.

About the author

An award-winning writer (Commonwealth Broadcasting Association), and copywriter (Creative Abbey), Manreet Sodhi Someshwar is a popular blogger as well. Her skilful writing and story-telling has caught the attention of critics, with Khuswant Singh calling her a “literary star on the horizon.” Visit her online at www.manreetsodhisomeshwar.com and the-long-walk-home.blogspot.com, via facebook at www.facebook.com/ManreetSodhiSomeshwar, via twitter @manreetss.

And you can see the official book trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9dbLjD8sIY