Sunday, 24 March 2013

For the sake of love.

For the sake of love.
I have just a two words to describe her “Dream Girl.”
Just searched what her name means and this is what I got “Virtuous; venerated”
You may have loved the beauty and glamour and the uniqueness that makes her the girl of your dreams, who always insisted to have solved her problems all by herself and the killer smile (that can make you love her even more). And what more to say 26 alphabets of English is less to describe the inner beauty she possesses.
But all your dreams that you have thought to make it into reality, comes out to be an empty set of cards which won’t give you a chance to win. And you may find an excuse either you played poorly (which you (may) haven’t started to play even) else it wasn’t in your luck ever or for some other reason you never knew.
The small little heart which is on the left side, but is always right is broken into a thousand pieces, and finds it hard to connect anything with reality. And you are left stranded on a lonely road in the hope to see the LOVE of your life.
To your wildest amazement, you think “When Almighty is on your side nothing can ever go wrong with you”, but dreams do shatter, believe me when you see the love of your life, with the guy she loves and you hear the yell out “On this Women’s Day you are the most beautiful woman I ever found”. When you must be the man to say that but never can as she hates you (maybe).
Your heart starts beating incredibly fast, rapidly increasing its pace, you want to cry but can’t. Mixed emotions, the mind goes blank, at the first sight you have everything on your side but the next moment things turn around and you are bewildered at the things happening around you. The world seems to move round and round, like a speeding top.
And to add to this heart breaking moment how hilarious of you and to the passer-by’s who see your face that bears blank expression. But what you heart feels, you are the only person to understand.
It is said “There are places when gets hurt can’t be 'spoken of’ or ‘shown’.” So when you get hurt at those places you are your own doctor. But your heart says She is the only doctor for your heart in the entire Universe. But alas...!!! U don’t have her.
You believe that God is always with you. So the LOVE guru and God “Krishna” is said to be with those who LOVE, and finds HIS place in the “HEARTS” of the “LOVE BIRDS”, that have just passed by you.
You ask Krishna “What about me? What about my LOVE” “Didn’t I love?” you may ask such endless questions but you will never be answered.........
STRANGE NA!!!!!!!!!!!
The person (Almighty) who says whatever happens happens for Good, but what about the guy who turns away from the love birds, just to see his LOVE enjoy forever. Not interfering just silently saying but not aloud “I LOV U.”
“Please turn back once, for Heaven’s sake just once!!!”

Still remember her without her specks......... and the last time I ever saw her back a long long time ago.........
“Virtuous means- especially moral excellence, venerated means -the highest degree of respect and reverence.”
“Wonderful description of her name.”
 Her Mom and Dad have rightfully chosen her name.

Missing you a lot!!!
                                                   Luv U.

Friday, 22 March 2013

One Day

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
which, when taken at the flood, leads to fortune,
Omitted all voyages of their life,
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat.
                                                                                    ~~William Shakespeare
At the end of our lives, what we regret the most are the risk we didn’t take, the potential we didn’t use and the difference we didn’t make.
Fears are what we valued the most rather than our dreams and we cared for what people will say if we started doing something new or different. We diverted ourselves into the path we thought was right, finding it leads to a place known as NOWHERE.
One day will come, when we all will repent for the time we did lose, the happy moments we didn’t enjoy, the places not travelled, the exquisite cuisine we didn’t eat and the list is endless..............................
If we start asking ourselves “What you want to do before we die?” answer to this question will make a huge difference in our lives.
Rather that missing those moments in life go and hunt for them, don’t care for what people will say. People will say when you do something and even when you do nothing. Don’t wait for the day to come when you will be able to do everything. Go and do it even before you know you have to do that, no matter what. For time once passed is like a flowing river, you can’t touch the same water twice.
Make the Best use of the time you have got and don’t count the moments rather make the moments count. Live a life of a lion, sine like a diamond, touch a million lives, and transform a thousand more, believe in Almighty and the power HE has given you.
Enjoy every moment to its fullest. For if you don’t do everything you love, you may have to wait for your NEXT BIRTH, to enjoy those.
NEXT BIRTH!!!!!!! OHHH........!!!! That’s a long, long time to come.
So don’t wait for your next birth to come. Accomplish all your dreams in this lone life you have got. Set a deadline and achieve your dreams.
It all about believing in yourself, valuing time and the opportunities and making the best possible use of it.

Monday, 18 March 2013

The Purpose of Life.

The Purpose of Life.
The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.
There is a purpose in everything we do. And to make this purpose wonderful we add colours to it, prepare the design, we add flavours to it. To make it even more beautiful we give our 100% commitment to it. When you commit yourself to live a life of purpose don’t make a deal with life give your best .We tend to do things where we find happiness and pleasure. And if someone pays you for being happy and increases your payment if you increase your level of excitement and entertainment, wouldn't it be wonderful!! It would be the Best job you can ever have in your life.

For this you need to TRANSFORM your life, you can’t change because change is temporary. You have to find the true purpose of life. You have to INTROSPECT yourself, i.e. you have to disconnect yourself from the entire world and you have to analyse yourself. You need to believe in yourself, you may do whatever you want to do even if for the first time but the thing is give yourself a chance. Put down all your boundaries remove all the limitations of your life.  Give your heart and soul to the work you uphold. Be excited about it. Find God in your work. Take pride in everything you do, appreciate yourself. To enjoy every moment in your life be illogical, throw yourself into the arena of life, do whatever you want to do NOW, or it’s NEVER.
Follow your Dreams, have visions, raise your bar step by step. Feel free to share your dreams with every person you meet, have faith in yourself.
Refuse to give up, for your work is to be happy and to collect SMILES and even share it with everyone you meet. Your work is for a noble cause and it is to be happy. So be a smile officer, live and make this world a better place to live in, than you found it at the first time.
Lastly always remember the words of Albert Einstein
“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Friday, 1 March 2013

Everything falls in place

Everything falls in place
Ever wondered why the flowers blossom, the trees grow, the rice paddy ebbs and falls, the birds sing. It seems as if everything falls into the right place, in the right time and it seems as if nature has its own rules for its growth. The stars twinkle, the volcanoes erupt, the planets revolve and many heavenly bodies are born and destroyed.
Wonderful isn’t it!!!!!
There is miracle happening every second.
How is that happening?
Why is it happening and who is responsible for these happenings?
There are some innumerable questions that need to be answered and yet there are questions waiting for someone to discover them.
So, whosoever may be responsible, irrespective of how is it happening and why, we seem to enjoy the moments and rejoice on the happenings. So, I want you to focus on one simple rule which makes things fall in place, is Happiness. Be happy, don’t regret and find the (EEEs) Enjoyment, Entertainment and Excitement in everything you love. Be grateful for everything that has happened and that is happening.
So, when you are happy and you are enjoying every moment of your life your nerve impulse comes in resonance with the natural world. And ideas flow in and excitement level is doubled and you find people who are in your, same resonance level. You are filled with passion and excitement. It seems to you that everyone is happy and you seem to replicate happiness. And everything falls in the right place for you. It is as such you don’t have to put effort for the works you do, and it is done effortlessly. And it helps you to replicate success, happiness and to find time for yourself in the midst of the hustle bustle of life.
For the first time ever you feel the power of the present moment.
Now you have to do one simple thing leave the place a thousand times better than you did find it at the first time. Give it a Midas touch. Be the best person you can be.
Be happy!! Don’t Regret!!
And to your wonder you will find
“Everything falls in the right place, just as the way you want”
To your Incredible Success,
Your Fan,
Kishan Chand Swain.