Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Korian and Lucy: A Cult of the Cat Short Story

The heart is pure and is void of any other feelings, other than love.  The love that conquers all. And is so fierce that it will wage a war against all those who will try to intervene between the love birds. Such is the love between Korian and Lucy. Lucy’s love for Korian is ultimate and it puts some light on the life of Trinity’s parents.

Lucy’s diary will reveal a lot about her love for Korian.

Happy Reading!

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Book Review of DEBBI

About the book

A game to end all games. On the line: her family’s future. Will Helen’s creation be enough to win the day? Or will she lose, and take her family down with her?

Helen Hunter’s father hopes to make his fortune by sending a robotic rover, controlled from Earth, to mine the surface of Mars for precious ores.

But there’s a catch. To do it, he’ll have to assume financial responsibility for the rover.  And on the harsh and desolate surface of Mars, one false move can mean the difference between untold riches and utter disaster. It’s a risky move that could spell doom for the entire family … and their hopes for the future.

Unless Helen can intervene.

The company behind the mining system—MARSCORP—is holding a junior gaming competition at their annual convention, and this is her chance. Grand prize is a one-year lease on a brand new Mars mining rover. Winning would mean that her father gets his shot at the Martian bonanza without any risk to the family.

But it won’t be easy. Teens from all over the country have come to compete. Some are smart. Others, ruthless. And Helen’s not the only one who needs to win. The mission: use her personally designed robot to fight it out in a high-tech arena that can simulate any environment, real or imagined. Beat the competitors. Bring home the prize.

Luckily for Helen, gaming and robot design are her specialties.

And when she unleashes her newest creation on the competition, a miniature homemade rover she calls DEBBI, the world is going to see just how skilled she really is.

The question is … will it be enough?

Review of DEBBI

Sci-Fi books keeps me intrigued about what new idea has been put to test and what are the limits of our imagination. This book takes you to the world of robots and their warfare. Though it is virtual reality but it feels more real than imagination when you read the short story. The storyline is awesome and you can read the book in a few minutes.

Book Review of The Madonna Vigilante

Book Blurb:

Sara Marshall, the daughter of a proud, three-generation line of Philadelphia cops, has committed the unpardonable sin. While trying to save the life of another cop, Sara has shot and killed a black female. This event has intensified an already volatile face-off between the Philadelphia Police Department and the city's large black population. There is another side effect of this unfortunate shooting. Sara's career crashes, as does her love life, and her relationship with her own family. 

Before her dismissal from the Philadelphia Police Department--a dismissal Chief Tony Spango euphemistically calls an "administrative leave of absence"--Sara was investigating several murders that she is convinced were all committed by the same individual. The MO of the killer in each case was identical and yet the victims--a high school band director, a notorious pimp, and a blue collar spouse abuser--appear to have absolutely no connection with each other. 

A fourth murder occurs. This time it is Father Mark Donnelly, rector of St. Michael the Angel Catholic Church. The fifth victim is Pastor Bob Messier, Director of Christian Education at the Grace Methodist Church. Each victim is a man. Each has been executed with a single bullet to the back of the head. Each has a Bible quote pinned to his body. When the media and social networks discover the notes were all written with lipstick, they are immediately convinced the killer is a woman, and quickly label her the Madonna Vigilante. 

Despite her ostracism by the police department, Sara Marshall is drawn back into these cases by her ex-partner, Kevin Stiles, whose police work has been hampered by his own personal struggles and by his wife's illness. 

Sara's unofficial investigation brings her in contact with several suspects, all of whom have a special affinity to handguns. Each of them also has an underlying dislike of men. The question becomes: can that dislike turn into hatred? And can that hatred lead to murder? In other words, who IS the Madonna Vigilante? And why is she--or he--killing people? 

The final answer and the final confrontation takes place on a major city thoroughfare whose official name is the Schuylkill Expressway. To Philadelphians, it is not-so-affectionately called the Sure-kill Speedway. And a running gun battle between Sara Marshall and the killer illustrates the accuracy of the nickname.

My thoughts

The plot is fast paced and it will keep you in the hunt of what would happen next. Sara the protagonist of the story will take you from crime to how her personal life is shattered and how she is convinced that a serial killer is in the hunt. It is an ultimate crime- thriller novel that will keep you at the edge of the seats in the hunt of how things are going to change.