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Book Review of "She"

Book Review of "She" Elka Chalo Re

About the book

Set in the backdrop of 1990 Calcutta, She is a story about finding one’s own identity in spite of all odds. The story spins around the life of Kusum, a brave heart whose identity is often untitled and blurred; it does not belong anywhere, definitely not under the ‘he’ or ‘she’ bracket, thanks to our social conditioning. Will she be successful in her mission? Find out in “She”, an utterly absorbing read that derives inspiration from Tagore’s “Ekla Cholo Re” song, which urges everyone to move on despite the fear of abandonment from others

My Review

The story portrays the protagonist of the story Kusum as a person who is not accepted in the society because of her gender. It is a world where a person is trapped between “he” and “she” loop. A never ending loop!

She imagines a life without this trap and how her life could have been, if she had been either a “he” or “she”. World would have been completely different then. The never ending question for her is why? Why did this happen to her and what wrong has she done to deserve that?

It is not only the quest for Kusum, but also for thousands who share the same fate as hers.

Santosh and Dr Shayan have taken a bold step, to speak for people like Kusum and to change the attitudes of people who don’t treat them well. The world needs people like Santosh and Shayan who dare to be different and have the courage to speak. To speak for the greater good!

I loved the plot of the story which was a quick read; which delivers the message; treat everyone as the way you want to be treated.

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Author Interview of Seeking Redemption

Book Blurb:

Story of a girl Meera, who is unwittingly drawn into a conflict from where she finds it difficult to emerge unscathed. It's her journey from being a simple, medical graduate belonging to a middle class family to the uncharted territories of corruption and caste based politics. Her path is crossed by the two men, both compelling yet completely contrasting characters, who are forever going to change her life. If it is Aman who can challenge her ideals and defy her resolves, and makes her the person she finally becomes, it is Abhay's sublime love which enables her to go through the vicissitudes of life. It's also the story of her loss as well as triumph against her own demons to find her true self.

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Author Interview

1. What inspired you to write the book?

Sometimes some crisis in life brings out what is lying dormant in you. Although I used to write but never at a big scale. A professional crisis gave me opportunity to look within and channelize my energy into something worthwhile. Instead of getting down by it, I chose to write and eventually won over my own demons.

2. When did you realise that you want to write a book?

As long as I can remember but couldn’t manage enough time from my busy professional life.

3. Who helped you in writing the book and please say about their contributions?

Namrata Madhira, my friend and editor tops the list. Not only she edited the final manuscript but all along she gave me unquestioned support and believed in my writing capabilities when I couldn’t believe myself.

4. How is your book going to inspire the readers?

The book is a love story in the backdrop of corruption and ills of cate based reservation prevalent in India. The main character Meera goes through a lot of struggles in life but she doesn’t give up and flows with the current of life instead of against it. I believe my readers would be inspired by her grit and determination.

5. If you are given the chance to change one thing in your book what would it be?

I doubt if I would like to change anything. I wrote it with full of conviction and don’t think any alteration is needed.

6. How do you find time to write and which part of the day is best for writing for you?

To find time to write is completely a conscious effort. I manage to squeeze from few words to thousand words in between my schedule, it all depends. I have no particular routine or timing. I write whenever I feel like as I can’t follow any routine.

7. Which books have inspired you the most, in the journey of writing this book?

I loved Kite Runner, Fountainhead, We the Living, Anna Karenina etc.

8. What is the best advice, you would give for writers who are trying to write a book?

Don’t ever give up! Writing is very lonely job and at times very demanding. Combined with that, you don’t have certainty that your effort will bear the fruit. You just have to write because you love it, it’s your passion.

9. What are your hobbies?

Reading, Travelling.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

I am working on my third project which is love story. My second book which is a drama/romance/mystery is under publication.

About the Author:

Dr.Madhu Vajpayee- the writer was born somewhere in those hospital corridors where she has spent the last two decades of her life. Witnessing life at such close quarters pushed her to capture its enigma in her words and slowly it became her passion. After writing several scientific papers and chapters in books, this book is her first step in literary world.  
Having done her graduation, MBBS from King Georges Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow she went ahead to pursue her post-graduation, MD from AIIMS, New Delhi. She was a consultant at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi having been associated with management of patients living with HIV/AIDS. She is now settled in Melbourne, Australia with her family, where she is devoting most of her time to writing, the passion that she couldn’t pursue earlier because of the demands of medical profession and commitment it requires.When not creating stories, Madhu enjoys reading and travelling.

Reviews for the Book:

It was a perfect book and can motivate one. ~ Nidhi Author on Goodreads

Wonder full book.Clearly highlights the current problems faced in India as a result of reservation! ~ Nikhil Dave on Goodreads

It is one of the amazing fiction I have read in the near past. Highly recommended. Cocktail of Corruption, politics and love. ~ Akshay_Tripathi on Amazon

What Madhu does well with this story is to highlight many factors that need change. She brings out facets like reservation. She talks about the more rigid mindset of an Indian family ~ Vinay Leo @ Booworm's Musings

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Author Interview of Michale's Mystery by Linze Brandon

*** BOOK  TOUR***

It was time for the Lords of the High Council to step in when the Grandmaster of Kryane is accused of murdering his own people. They had little choice but to prevent the collapse of the whole magicians order, so they sent Michael to investigate the allegations.

The people of the desert planet were an enigma, but none more than Andesine, the healer assigned to assist Michael. Why did she report the Grandmaster? Was she involved, or was there something more sinister going on?

The more people they interrogated the more they suspected that nothing was as it seemed. Not the murders, nor the Grandmasters' motive as everyone thought.

Unable to resist the growing attraction between them, Michael and Andesine learn that they had to trust each other with their own secrets, and risking any future they might have.

Time and again the High Lords had to step in to prevent chaos on Kryane, but time was running out for Michael and Andesine. They had to get a new Grandmaster in place before the Kryane Order collapsed completely. And they had to find the who the true culprit was.

Fortunate to escape an attack from this monster once, they were risking the lives of many others in the process. Before the High Lords could formulate a plan, Michael and Andesine were captured, leaving the High Lords helpless to prevent it.

Kidnapped and imprisoned, Andesine was confronted with the realisation that if they were to survive their ordeal, it was up to her and her long suppressed powers. But as a healer she saved lives, would she be able to destroy the monster before he forces her to unleash her power to destroy the future of mankind?

About the Author:

Teaching herself to read before she went to school, it was the start of her life long love affair with books. Trained as an engineer, Linzé has worked as an export consultant and is presently a project manager. Although she still loves to read, she also enjoys counted stitch embroidery, archery, tai chi, fly fishing, painting, her husband's medal winning photographs and watching Manchester United play.

She counts both novels and short stories to her publishing credit. Her fourth novel, Waiting for Adrian, is planned for publication early in 2016. Her story, The Vernal Equinox, was a finalist in a sci-fi flash-fiction competition in 2015.

Linzé Brandon lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her engineer husband and German Shepherds who are convinced that the world revolves only around them.

Author Interview:

1. What inspired you to write the book?

Michael’s Mystery is the third book in the Nations of Peace series. I decided to bridge the 12 year gap between Keeper of the Dragon Sword (book 2) and Waiting for Adrian (now book 4) with Michael’s Mystery.
The idea for the story came when I realised that the murders in Keeper of the Dragon Sword had not been resolved and it was the opportunity to do that, and introduce the characters of the Lords of the High Council.

2. When did you realise that you want to write a book?

I have always loved to read, even from a young age. About fifteen years ago, I decided that I wanted to try and write a book. Even without knowing what I was doing, I submitted the book to a publisher. While the book was rejected, they replied with a detailed response about the story. The feedback was great and I was hooked.
It took another few years before I could afford to do a good creative writing course, but it only reiterated what the publisher had said. It was after completing the course that I published my first novel, Géra’s Gift, the first book in the Nations of Peace series.

3. Who helped you in writing the book and please say about their contributions?

I didn’t have any help in writing any of my books. In fact the first few years, I never even told anyone that I was writing books.
I do ask for beta reading of a manuscript before it goes for final editing and proofreading. They are volunteers from online Facebook groups.

4. How is your book going to inspire the readers?

I write fiction, it is not intended as anything except a few hours of relaxing and escaping from the daily grind.

5. If it inspires someone to write their own books, that would be great.

If you are given the chance to change one thing in your book what would it be?
To be honest, I don’t want to change anything. The feedback from my editor and beat readers helped me to publish the story in the best way possible.

6. How do you find time to write and which part of the day is best for writing for you?

I decided a few years ago that if I want to be serious about my writing, I had to make the time to do so. For that to happen I have an allocated time where I don’t do anything else except write. In my case it is the two hours before I go to bed.

7. Which books have inspired you the most, in the journey of writing this book?

The story of Michael’s Mystery was inspired by the book that preceeded it in the series, Keeper of the Dragon Sword.

8. What is the best advice, you would give for writers who are trying to write a book?

Learn as much as you can about the craft, and if possible do a creative writing course where you receive lots of feedback on your writing.
I have done three creative writing courses and they have been the best thing I did for myself and my writing.

9. What are your hobbies?

I sketch and paint and do large cross stitch projects. I also enjoy fly fishing, compound bow archery and tai chi chuan. I try to watch Manchester United’s games, but seldom have the time these days.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

My next book will be a non-fiction book, entitled Indie Author: The Good, the Bad and the Hard Work.
It deals with all aspects of the writing life, except the craft itself. A list of 102 topics are covered. The book will serve as a manual for a 3-day course to teach authors and aspiring authors the skills they need to be an authorpreneur. The accompanying workbook will be available for free to subscribers to my blog's mailing list. The book and the workbook will be released in February 2016.
I will soon be starting the final edit on the fourth book in the Nations of Peace series, Waiting for Adrian. It is the first of the Future Master books and is planned for release in March 2016.
On her sixteenth birthday Erin figures out why she had been having horrible nightmares about a war. When Adrian is chosen as her Protector, it changes everything for the people of the Nations of Peace.

The last book in my Third Gender series, Breathe, is planned for release in June 2016.
Past the age of transformation, Jar still came to Suicide Valley to provide support to third genders in their last moments. Jar had stood on that edge too. But Surina was female and still so young. They talk for a few hours when Jar knew that Surina could be the one. Now to convince her not kill herself and give them a chance, however remote it was.

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Author Interview of Shanti and The Magic Mandala

About the book:

Shanti and the Magic Mandala is an adventure in which fantasy and reality are mingled. The book tells the story of six teenagers, from different religious and cultural origins and different parts of the world, who are mystically recruited to form two groups - one in the Northern Hemisphere, and one in the Southern. They eventually gather in Peru, and through a single alliance, begin a frantic chase for the sacred object that can stop the black magician's final plan.

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Read an Excerpt:

Shanti was the first to smell the smoke. She paused in her frantic packing. “Do you smell something burning?”

“Yes, I do,” Lelê said, worried.

It was getting noticeably hotter in the room. “Look, there’s smoke coming in under the door!” Antônio cried. Black smoke was slowly seeping beneath the door and into the room. Lelê ran to the window.

“The door won’t open,” Shanti said, struggling with the lock.

“Neither will the window.” Lelê was close to tears.

“Let me try, Shanti.” Antônio grasped the doorknob, applying his strength to it. Even as he fought with the lock, the smoke and the heat were rising.”

“They did it. We're stuck in here,” Helena said, coughing.

Antônio hammered on the wall. “Nasir! Itai! Tadao! Help us!”

“They want to kill us,” Lelê cried, shaking with fear.

Looking intently at Helena, her voice ringing with determination, Shanti declared, “But we’re not going to let them succeed!”

“Get away from the door,” Antônio said, kicking at it.

Hearing Antônio's call for help, Nasir and Itai had rushed to the door, only to find it locked. Tadao tried the window. “It won’t open,” he said, fearful. “The window's locked.”

“We can’t get out. What’s happening?” Nasir said, with an edge of panic.

“It’s black magic,” Itai said, trying to help Nasir break down the door.

Just then, an image of the book came into his mind. He ran over to his backpack, still on top of his bed and upended it shaking everything out.

Suddenly there was a loud noise, like an explosion — the door swung open. Flames and gouts of heavy, black smoke poured into the room. The whole hallway was on fire.

Tadao pushed at the window again, but it defied his efforts to open it.

Itai reached for his book. It was illuminated once again. He stood up and held the book with both hands, opening it. A bright light shone forth from the page it had opened on and he saw another name, formed with three Hebrew letters. Seitel, another of the 72 names of God. Itai knew that the Angel Seitel was able to create a protective shield. He closed his eyes, forming an urgent prayer, reaching out to connect with the angel, shutting out the mayhem around him for a few moments. Opening his eyes he gazed at the three letters from right to left for a few more precious seconds. Then he closed the book, replaced everything else in the backpack and hoisted it on his back. He picked up the book, holding it in his right hand. “Grab your backpacks and follow me.”

Nasir stared at him with an expression that clearly showed concern for his sanity “Itai?”

“Follow me,” Itai repeated with certainty.

“What? What do you mean?” Tadao almost shouted.

Nasir took his backpack and positioned himself behind Itai. “May Allah protect us!”

Watching Nasir, Tadao did the same. Itai took the closed book in both hands, pointing it towards the fire, as they approached the door. The book emitted an increasingly intense light. Gradually, a large shield began to form, surrounding the three boys.

“Wow! It's a light vehicle, a merkaba!” Nasir said, reverently, his gaze locked on the intense white light of the forming shield.

“Incredible!” Tadao said, forming his own silent prayer, Thank you, Lord Buddha.

Steadfastly Itai moved towards the door now engulfed by large flames. He advanced out of the room, into the hallway, the light shield in front of him, and as he moved, he created a clear path, the shield pushing away the flames, heat and smoke. He stopped in front of Shanti’s bedroom door. The wood was charred and blackened and the ancient lock had popped free, leaving the door swinging brokenly. Their friends had crowded at the back of the room, near the window, trying to get away from the thick, choking smoke. “Grab your backpacks! Get behind Nasir and Tadao!” Itai shouted.

“We’re coming!” Antônio said, grabbing his backpack and walking swiftly towards the door.

Lord Ganesha, please open those paths, Shanti prayed, putting all of her faith into the prayer.

Within moments, the three were in place. The light shield began to grow sideways, eventually forming a large cube of light, protecting all of them. They crossed the hall, safe from the flames. As they went down the stairs, they heard the roof collapsing behind them. The reception area had been completely destroyed by fire, but again they passed through the devastation completely shielded from the heat and flames. They reached the door leading to the outside. Itai wasted no time in pulling it open and they poured out of the burning building.

As soon as the last one of them stepped onto the street, the old pension began to collapse, turning into a huge bonfire.

Author Interview

1. What inspired you to write the book?

I have always had the dream of being a writer.
I had been asking for a new goal in my life for more than seven years through my meditation and spiritual practices. One day I had an insight to write a book in which I could express myself and also share my experiences…
Since I was a child, I liked very much to read stories, like fantasy stories, also adventure books and I was a fan of the cartoon Tintin, the French adventurer boy, fan of Julius Verne, and also mysteries and thrillers like Agata Christie. Bringing all these memories to these days, I wished to write for young readers, writing an interesting book, like an adventure book, a fantasy book, and which could also bring some important things, such as spiritual aspects, compassion, human rights, animal protection, and all these things.

2. When did you realise that you want to write a book?

Since I started practicing Yoga and meditation I asked for a new goal in my life through which I could inspire tolerance, compassion and freedom. During my daily Sadhana I received a message that I should and was ready to start a book.

3. Who helped you in writing the book and please say about their contributions?

My own travels, studies and experiences as well as my spiritual practices which gave me the content and inspiration for writing this story

4. How is your book going to inspire the readers?

I have the desire to inspire young readers to be proactive caring about the planet, as well as supporting them to live freely and have compassion for their fellow man, while accepting other people’s options, religions and cultures.
I think I wrote a book I would have been amazed to read if I were a teenager…
In my opinion, young people are the ones who will be able to change the world. That’s why I decided to bring them something, to plant a seed in their lives, to be able to germinate good feelings related to the planet, related to the rights. I decided that it could be a good idea to use a playful approach with these themes that are so important for the planet. We are talking about freedom, we are talking about human rights, we are talking about planet protection, about animal defense, about love, about all these subjects that are fundamental for the health of our planet. That’s why I decided to write an adventure, but it is a fantasy as well, but also there are many mystical and spiritual approaches.

5. If you are given the chance to change one thing in your book what would it be?

Nothing occurs to me… I’m very pleased with the results.

6. How do you find time to write and which part of the day is best for writing for you?

I prefer to write after my spiritual practices at the end of the day, when I’m more inspired for that.

7. Which books have inspired you the most, in the journey of writing this book?

Auto biography of a Yogi, Tintin Adventures, The Da Vinci Code, Death in on the Nile, The Power of Kabbalah, The Art of Happiness and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone .

8. What is the best advice, you would give for writers who are trying to write a book?

I think the most important is to ask your heart and try to write something positive to share with the world.

9. What are your hobbies?

Yes, adventure travels, cycling, running, horse riding, trekking, reading and cooking
10. What can we expect from you in the future?

I have already finished the research for the second book of Shanti’s series.

About the Author:
F. T. Camargo is an Italian Brazilian living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. An award winning architect and author, he also studied Arts and Media and has a post degree in Economics and MBA in e-commerce. He is a vegetarian because of his love for all animals and has been deeply involved in causes for their protection and freedom. He is a world traveler adventurer, outdoor sports lover, speaks 4 languages and has published a travel book “Rio, Maravilha!”

For many years he has been practicing yoga and meditation and studying the Kabbalah. His exploration of spiritual teachings motivated a commitment to self-development which in turn created a new path and goal in life. Shanti and the Magic Mandala was born from his inner journey.

Contact the Author:

Awards & Recognition for the Book:

- Winner of 2014 London Book Festival in the category “Young Adult”.

- 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards: Bronze Medal at “Young Adult Fiction – Spirituality” category

- 2014 New England Book Festival in Boston:  Honorable Mention in the category “Young Adult”.

- Winner of 2015 Paris Book Festival in the category “Young Adult”.

- Winner of 2015 International Book Awards in the category “Fiction / Young Adult”.

- Winner of 2015 New York Book Festival in the category “Young Adult”.

- 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival – Runner-up in the category “Young Adult”.

- 2015 San Francisco Book Festival – Runner-up in the category “Young Adult”.

- 2015 DIY Book Festival in Los Angeles: Honorable Mention in the category “Young Adult”.

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Book Review of “The Sire of Humellis”

“The Sire of Humellis”

About the book:

An accident changed Adam’s life. He believed that destiny was in his hands, but he was not aware that what this destiny might bring him in the future.

It is a story of a courageous man and his passion for cycling. This love brings him to India to explore the unexplored Himalayan trails. They plan for tit and execute it very well. But there is something missing in the plan of his life which was decided years back at the time of the creation of humans that Adam is also not aware of.

He was selected to start again and to build hope for the future. Be the part of Adam’s journey of courage and see Himalaya, mystery village, dark places, extraordinary creatures and lands.

My Thoughts:

The first few pages of the book will give you the impression that it is a story of a person’s struggle and the latter half of the story will amaze you with the fighting spirit the man possesses. And you get a feeling that the story has a wonderful ending.

Just when I thought that, I looked at the number of pages left. Quite amazed I found I haven’t yet completed the book, there were more 100 pages left.

When you think the story has just reached its climax, the story begins with a series of adventurous to follow.

Is it a motivational story or a struggle story or is it an adventurous story, no, no it has to be Sci-Fi, what is it?

Find it in the story that unfolds itself with page.

I will sincerely ask the readers to buy this book the moment they get hold of it. The Sire of the Humellis will take you from a land of struggle to the world of fantasy, where you will meet the Creators of Earth and how Adam the protagonist of the story saves mankind from extinction.

Filled with thrill and suspense, it is the book you can’t put down, until you have reached the last page.

A must read novel, I loved the plot as it wasn’t what I expected and I have to say, it thrilled me beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.

5 stars to “The Sire of Humellis”- a new journey of Humans. 

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Temperance Book Blitz

About the book:

Gabriel is weary, hunting for a murderer.

Patience is adrift, her life a complete lie.

Nate is scared, hiding from his worst fears.

Juliet is frantic, her time is running out.

As four fragile lives collide, the truth is finally revealed.

And betrayal and death become inevitable.

Book Links:

Read an Excerpt: 

Lake Tranquil was
vast.  So much so that Patience couldn’t
see where it ended or began.  Despite its
size, it was deserted.  She was the only
human in sight and she loved the thought of being so alone, immersed in the
beauty of nature.  An occasional bird
flitted in and out of the trees, or swooped down to land at the water’s
edge.  In the distance, a rabbit ran
through the trees, its tail bobbed, flashing white as it ran for cover.

Trees lined craggy mountains that surrounded the lake.  They were thick, green and tall, and reached
to the shoreline; only a small wavering line of pebble-covered beach sat
between the shimmering waters and the forest.  

It was heavenly. 

It wasn’t the first time Patience had been to Lake
Tranquil.  Once, as a child, she had
visited it with her mother and enjoyed a week of blissful freedom away from the
chaos of life.  Now here, fleeting
memories flooded back.  Swimming in the
lake as her mother sat on the deck and read.
Running through the trees playing hide and seek, and sitting on the
shore as the sun set.  Watching the stars
appear overhead as her mother cooked fish over a smoky fire.  It was a time in her life that stuck in her
mind, when her mother had been truly happy and content. 

It was why Patience was here. 

her mother.To try to be closer to her, to try to understand her.To try to find
some peace.

About the Author:

Chrissie lives in Devon, UK, with her husband and is a freelance Production Coordinator working in the TV, documentary and film industry.

Chrissie is also an Author.  Her thriller Integrate was released in October 2013 and her historical fiction Among the Olive Groves was released in July 2014.

Other written work includes factual articles for the Bristolian newspaper and guest articles for the charities Epilepsy Awareness Squad and Epilepsy Literary Heritage Foundation.  Chrissie has also written a book of short stories and poems, one of which was performed at the 100 poems by 100 women event at the Bath International Literary Festival in 2013.

Chrissie is passionate about Ancient History, Archaeology and Travel, and has completed two six-month Archaeology and Egyptology courses with Exeter University.   She is learning to play the Ukulele and likes to read, collect books, listen to music. To find out more about Chrissie visit her WEBSITE

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