Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Legends that live forever

Legends that live forever
When time was taking his toll, it seemed to have left these few great persons untouched.
The 10 persons with whom I would like to connect with are

(1)  Charlie Chaplin: “The King of Laughter”, a man who has his own way to win hearts by winning laughs and smile from all around the world and continues to makes people laugh till date. Charlie Chaplin holds our sense of imagination, for what would happen in his next move in each end every movie of his.
Charlie Chaplin: “The King of Laughter
I would like to add him to my we-chat group so that I can laugh forever.

Helen Keller

(2)  Helen Keller:  How would it be to be in a world of darkness??
 Frightful, weird, horrible isn’t it!!
But this superb, super-woman of Earth though being deaf and blind has enlightened a Candle in the world of darkness. With no hope to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, she has made Mother Earth proud, with her achievements and being the 1st lady on Earth to have completed her Bachelor of Arts, for disabled persons.

 It would be an incredible moment to chat with her and to get inspired from her, so that we can be a source of inspiration for future generations to come.

(3)  Sachin Tendulkar: “What will it be to be playing at the age of 40 and still batting like a guy in his early 20’s?”  Only Sachin has the answer.
Sachin Tendulkar
It has been an incredible journey from being a “Ball Boy” to the “God of Cricket”. He has been the most inspiring person in the sporting arena for India, who made Cricket a Religion in India.
                                  I would like to have him on we chat so that I can talk with him about his achievements and failures and to learn the secret of dedication and patience.  I would love to have him in the list for he has flown the Tri-colour of India high for almost two decades.

(4)  Stephen Hawking: a dreamer by profession(as I would like to call him), an astrophysicist, a scientist, a man with innovative ideas, and a man who willingly plunges to the unknown with the  thirst to discover, that hasn’t been discovered. I have always admired him of how he sits in his wheel-chair, paralysed and yet he loves the cosmological world like no one else would do.
                                          I would like to add him to the, to know about the magic, and the stunning and miraculous events happening in the outer space. And to know about the worlds, yet to be reached and as always would like to plunge into the unknown under his guidance.

(5)  Lata Mangeshkar: “The Nightingale of India.”  She has a tone of that of a Nightingale, and once she starts singing people get mesmerised and listen to her song as if they are under a spell. She heals the wounds of the mind, she talks with the tunes and flies with them also carrying her to
every nook and corner of the world. Her voice has been the Best in the entire Music Industry, and her generosity and her benevolence character has made a deep impact in the Music industry.
                              I would like to have her in the we-chat group so that I can listen to her songs and to fall asleep listening to her soothing songs.

(6)  Mad Mark and Mike:
“Hey Mark let’s take a close-up”, says Mike.
Mad Mark and Mike
But where is Mark!! Even before he finishes saying what needs to be done, Mark is already nearly two feet away from the King Cobra to take the snap.
What would you do if you find “a roaring Lion charging toward you, a snake swiftly speeding on its way to bite you, and a annoyed elephant is rushing to crush you?” well that’s too much to stop a man’s heart beat, unless you are Mark Tennant and Mike Penman. Their fearless encounters and daredevil approach for their object of passion is way beyond comparison, which puts them in the entirely different league of elite wildlife photographers.

I would like to add them so that I know about their wildlife encounters, to know about their lifestyle and to know how far they can go to get a perfect close-up and how to hold your nerves at times of uncertainty.
Bill Gates
(7)  Bill Gates: Bill Gates, born in 1955, a Harvard University dropout, and co-founder and chairman of Microsoft, and co-chair of Bill and Milinda Gates foundation, the richest man in the History and this person needs no introduction. Gates revolutionised the Computer world and has made it more user-friendly and has indeed opened many a windows of many homes all around the world towards prosperity and better education.
                                                      I would to hang up with him to know “The secrets of being rich”, so that all my fantasies and dreams come true once I achieve that feat as that of Bill Gates.

(8)  Robin Sharma: A renowned author and an international best-selling author of   “The Alchemist”, which gives wings to believe in your dreams and the confidence to pursue them. A great personality, a man of virtue and notably the best motivational author and leader of the decade.
                                          I want to connect with him so that I too can be someday be one of the Motivational speakers of the world, and to become a source of inspiration and to be a leader.
(9)  Walt Disney: A dreamer who converts all his dreams into reality. It is really hard to imagine a world without Walt Disney. A world without his cartoon characters, a world of magic, entertainment and fun. Without him the world of laughter and the world of babies will be left alone. He has transformed the entire entertainment industry forever with his imagination. A complete virtual world but has never been away from the real world. He has created his magical world of Disney Land.

                                                      I would like to hang up with him and would spend hours talking about dreams and to make tour of his Dream Land.

(10)         Lord Krishna: The creator of all creators, the Almighty, the most innocent child of the entire Universe(s) and the most adorable one, is suspected to have swallowed the entire universe. A masterpiece and the Lord of lies, stealing butter and is said to have stolen the Hearts of young ladies and a cowherd, and is the most mischievous child of Dwarika.
                                                      Lord Krishna is the Love Guru of the Universe and has defied all rules and has created his rules of loving and caring. Do knock his palace door at Dwarika for your love issued and I am sure He will help you out in this matter.
                                                      A master, a friend, a father you can personify Him in any form you want to see Him as, for He has a many Incarnations and you can always love Him in the way you want(no strings attached and no terms and conditions).
                                                      For He says “You are never alone, for I am always with you every time.” And remember, “He take many tests before giving you away all your wishes, just make sure you stand till your last breathe, humbly wishing that he grants all your wishes.”

I would like to chat with him and learn the secrets of life, nature, love, generosity, honesty, discipline, integrity all the good qualities that an man can inherit. And to learn all the mischief’s that can be done without hurting anyone.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

All that matters

All that matters
In the brief history of time that we have lived and made it to this day is indeed an incredible achievement. Many didn’t make it to this day, thanks Almighty for gifting these wonderful days in our life. Life is short and time is fleeting. The days though seem long, are really short and minutes and seconds pass by without making their presence being heard.
Making the list of things we do want to do, will surpass the things we did. And asking ourselves, the required time to complete those with necessary additions, I hope it will take us more than this life, maybe we have to be reborn to get those dreams fulfilled (like a Phoenix).
So, I was there in my study room listing all the things that matters the most in my life.
All that matters the most in our life are
Ø The love of parents,
Ø The love of Almighty,
Ø The Moral values,
Ø The decisions we did make,
Ø the risks we did take,
Ø the life we enjoyed,
Ø the dreams dreamt

Ø And an endeavour we did make to achieve them.
Ø The beauty and grandeur that we did appreciate,
Ø The wonderful places visited,
Ø The music played and heard,
Ø The girl who mattered the most,
Ø The fights and love we did when we were kids,
Ø Playing in the water and trying to swim,
Ø The weird sounds made out of amazement when we saw a tiger or lion in the zoo,
Ø The disc braking and slipping we did with our cycles,
Ø My first drawing.
Ø And many more.
The list is endless and it continues growing.
We all wish to achieve all the dreams we wished for are and are still longing for. All that matters the most is the way in which we can achieve the goals. And the price we are willing to pay for our incredible success. And the simple ways we adhere to achieve our small but appreciable goals. Everything matters in your life till the day you are alive and once you are lifeless nothing matters.

So, the most important thing in life is that, we have to achieve everything we wish for, in this short and beautiful life God has gifted us, and make our dreams count.
Let us make a greater endeavour to live a life of our dreams and honestly.

May all your dreams come true!!!