Saturday, 29 November 2014

A blank page

A blank page
Life is a series of events, happening one after the other and almost instantly. Even before you process the information and react, the moment has already passed. It is very cruel to those who waste it and never ever gives you the opportunity to reprocess the lost time.
Time is the most important asset and it always will be, no matter what is your excuse, it never cares and moves on, in its never ending journey. It goes with the saying, “What has been done, can’t be undone.” Off-course not, until we have the leverage of a time machine. It is all in a moment and the next second it vanishes, with a blink of an eye.

It’s like an idea that strikes you for a second and you dismiss it the other second. It might not have been a perfect fit at that instance. And when you have read the work you have completed, you find the puns; irony and all the figures of speech have perfectly matched to their corresponding words making a perfect sense.

But you know, it wasn’t at first you wanted to write a pun or something, it was just because you felt that it should be the correct attribute, for the events that follow in the passage.

Within moments, a blank page has finally found its meaning and purpose, to be a proof of your world class or a start-up that is going to be world class.
Who knows!!
Of what will happen next or after this moment

Time changes fast and it happens to be the only thing that permanent. Time is the really an asset!!