Friday, 25 November 2011

Live your own life

It takes a moment to think what your life is and it may take many a time to find out what we want the  best in our life. It’s important what we want from our life to give us. Be specific and use the universe as a menu card which has unlimited possibilities to give you. It’s like a Alladin & Giene story. Giene always says your wish is my command. Whatever you wish is a command for me. The Universe is like that, whatever you wish is a command for it. So say out whatever you want from your life and be sure that Nature will always give you an answer. For when you want something from your heart then the whole Universe makes an endeavor to make it possible for you. And the most important things are your ethics; those are Truthfulness, Love, Passion, Honesty and Generosity. Just follow this and your life can achieve the impossible and the invincible. And what’s more important is your will power to succeed against all obstacles. Abandon all your evil thoughts and any negativity that come your path of success. And do remember there nothing called as magic in this world. It’s you who is magical, it’s you who is destined enough to make a way to your goal, with all your full strength and with your potential. Have a positive Attitude, for attitude itself says I am 100%. Be fresh always, make a motive to learn from everything that you see in your life, and take for example your surroundings. The chirping sounds of the birds, the warmth of the Sun early in the morning, the dew drops on the green grass, Mom’s sweet voice, and the sense of care from the family. These all come for free, and be grateful to God for everything you have. Thank the Supreme power who made you smile pouring these beautiful gifts on you. I do recollect an incident that happened in my life, when my Grand Pa took his last breathe, our hearts were broken into pieces, you can hear those sorrowful voices from every nook and corner of our house. But from those voice cracked a sweet laughter for my cute little sis.... I then thought why she laughed when everyone was crying she could have also cried with us also. There where she taught me a lesson. I can’t follow you all for you are crying I can’t do the same, I have to do something different and I am unique in my own way. If you all are crying then isn’t it my responsibility to make you laugh to take you far way from sorrow to a world where you can always be happy. I am born to make you happy. For William Wordsworth said “A child is a father of man.” For she was laughing and was rejoicing we had to keep her happy. In return we were happy and that’s the Best thing that I did find in my sweet little sis....
The Best thing that you can do is all that you can do. Take responsibility!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Living a life of our dreams.

" Don't take a waste paper as a waste for who knows that waste paper may become a Kite and you have to raise up your head to see it."
We have to live a life of our dreams. To have a dream isn't enough, we should constantly work towards achieving it,crawl, walk, run do whatever but always keep your focus on your goal. This life is a racing track and there is no end of it. What matters the most is the ethics and values of in life. When we were kids we did compete in a race where we had to carry a lemon on the spoon which we have to put it in our mouth and we have to finish the race keeping the lemon till the race ends. Life is such, the lemon is our values and our ethics which we can't afford to fall till we end the race, but as I said our race doesn't ends. It depends on how we think and how efficiently we implement on everything we want to have in our life that counts. Dreams are not those that only come to us during our sleep, it is that which never allows us to sleep but keep us in the quest to achieve it as soon as possible. Just always remember you are responsible for everything that is happening in your life. Take responsibility for everything you do in your life, whatever you are is because of the decisions you took in the past, and whatever decisions you will take today will determine your future. That person is rewarded who walks or crawls or runs and never looks back to see who are left behind or whom he has beaten till he has reached the ends the race, but on the contrary our race never ends so we have to constantly move forward. nothing in your life will change until unless you change. when you shift from a  compulsion to survive towards a commitment to serve, your life can do nothing but exploding success.
Always have a positive attitude never allow a negative thought to enter your thought. If it happens then fight a battle against it and replace it with a much better thought.

Become a observer of your life.
The people around you are the reflections of your purpose.
Stop blaming and take responsibility, just don't be positive about your dreams be positive enough, be confident enough.
Always remember
" If your mind can perceive something,
If your heart can believe on it,