Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Life is what matters by Alka Dixit

Life is what happens to us when we are planning something else.

We as human beings are so entwined to the flow of the world that we rarely give time to things that matters the most. Most of the time we doubt ourselves when we are about the take the next big step, which will change our lives forever. But still can’t. The fear of things has done more damage to our dreams than failure itself.

Why you may ask?

Believe me its the mindset of a particular person. And the way you treat life as. If you believe that you can achieve the impossible, you will be able to but for that you need to feed and train your brain with thoughts that will help you achieve the impossible.

Life is like your child! Like you care
Care for it as your own. Love it the most, give it the freedom to spread its wings and do everything possible to help it grow and nurture it as you will for your child. And one day you will reap the results.

Let me tell you something in Alka’s words

You have that one very special person in your life for whom you can do anything. Right?

Be kind on yourself and make that very special person as you. Do everything you can for this person, no matter what the price. Once you have done that you will be amazed by the positivity you release to the people around you.

Life is what matters by Alka Dixit, gives you an in-depth analysis on how to live life and the changes you have to make in your current day to day routine to achieve massive success.
It is one such book that spells positivity to every page you turn to. Alka explains in details the things or habits that you have to hold on to no matter what and some habits that you have to immediately let go.

The book is filled with many such little things, when taken care of can lead to stupendous results and life will never be the same again. And at the same time we have to accept the fact that we too are humans and we make mistakes. What is more important, is the learning we take from those mistakes.

There is a saying
When you have God by your side,
it doesn’t means that you won’t face the storm.
What it means that your boat will never sink.”

Life is simply awesome and you can make it even better. Stay with it, love it, nurture it like a kid and you are bound to make it a spectacular one. Alka Dixit has done a splendid job in writing this book and I can assure you will be spellbound with the success mantras of the book.

Happy Reading!

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