Saturday, 19 November 2011

Living a life of our dreams.

" Don't take a waste paper as a waste for who knows that waste paper may become a Kite and you have to raise up your head to see it."
We have to live a life of our dreams. To have a dream isn't enough, we should constantly work towards achieving it,crawl, walk, run do whatever but always keep your focus on your goal. This life is a racing track and there is no end of it. What matters the most is the ethics and values of in life. When we were kids we did compete in a race where we had to carry a lemon on the spoon which we have to put it in our mouth and we have to finish the race keeping the lemon till the race ends. Life is such, the lemon is our values and our ethics which we can't afford to fall till we end the race, but as I said our race doesn't ends. It depends on how we think and how efficiently we implement on everything we want to have in our life that counts. Dreams are not those that only come to us during our sleep, it is that which never allows us to sleep but keep us in the quest to achieve it as soon as possible. Just always remember you are responsible for everything that is happening in your life. Take responsibility for everything you do in your life, whatever you are is because of the decisions you took in the past, and whatever decisions you will take today will determine your future. That person is rewarded who walks or crawls or runs and never looks back to see who are left behind or whom he has beaten till he has reached the ends the race, but on the contrary our race never ends so we have to constantly move forward. nothing in your life will change until unless you change. when you shift from a  compulsion to survive towards a commitment to serve, your life can do nothing but exploding success.
Always have a positive attitude never allow a negative thought to enter your thought. If it happens then fight a battle against it and replace it with a much better thought.

Become a observer of your life.
The people around you are the reflections of your purpose.
Stop blaming and take responsibility, just don't be positive about your dreams be positive enough, be confident enough.
Always remember
" If your mind can perceive something,
If your heart can believe on it,