Wednesday, 8 May 2013

All that matters

All that matters
In the brief history of time that we have lived and made it to this day is indeed an incredible achievement. Many didn’t make it to this day, thanks Almighty for gifting these wonderful days in our life. Life is short and time is fleeting. The days though seem long, are really short and minutes and seconds pass by without making their presence being heard.
Making the list of things we do want to do, will surpass the things we did. And asking ourselves, the required time to complete those with necessary additions, I hope it will take us more than this life, maybe we have to be reborn to get those dreams fulfilled (like a Phoenix).
So, I was there in my study room listing all the things that matters the most in my life.
All that matters the most in our life are
Ø The love of parents,
Ø The love of Almighty,
Ø The Moral values,
Ø The decisions we did make,
Ø the risks we did take,
Ø the life we enjoyed,
Ø the dreams dreamt

Ø And an endeavour we did make to achieve them.
Ø The beauty and grandeur that we did appreciate,
Ø The wonderful places visited,
Ø The music played and heard,
Ø The girl who mattered the most,
Ø The fights and love we did when we were kids,
Ø Playing in the water and trying to swim,
Ø The weird sounds made out of amazement when we saw a tiger or lion in the zoo,
Ø The disc braking and slipping we did with our cycles,
Ø My first drawing.
Ø And many more.
The list is endless and it continues growing.
We all wish to achieve all the dreams we wished for are and are still longing for. All that matters the most is the way in which we can achieve the goals. And the price we are willing to pay for our incredible success. And the simple ways we adhere to achieve our small but appreciable goals. Everything matters in your life till the day you are alive and once you are lifeless nothing matters.

So, the most important thing in life is that, we have to achieve everything we wish for, in this short and beautiful life God has gifted us, and make our dreams count.
Let us make a greater endeavour to live a life of our dreams and honestly.

May all your dreams come true!!!