Monday, 17 June 2013

A haunted place

The recent happenings in the city have led two most formidable detectives Ali and Narendra to tighten up their belts for the haunting that has happened in the city. They were discussing about their investigation report that dealt with the death of a civilian and a detective. 
                                                At a far off place in the parking lot, stood a black Mercedes, in which a woman was watching the detectives. The detectives have already noticed the woman in the can and have by now reported to the security police who stood near the parking lot via SMS. For the detectives she was present in the parking area and for everyone else she never existed. The security guard replied back he was standing in the same place they said the car was parked. When they looked out, found the policeman’s body lay in a pool of blood.
“You shouldn’t investigate the case”, the two detectives heard it as if someone spoke in their minds.
                                    Melodious songs, dance and fund filled the air with joy as Sonia celebrated her 18th birthday. It was fun hanging out with her friends late in the night and her first taste of freedom from the high school. The bill of the restaurant was quite high, and the cost wasn’t too high for Sonia as she is the Princess of the most renowned business man of the city.
                                    She went to pay off the bills and found that she has forgotten her credit card on her table. The bill was Rs 60,000. Afraid of being embarrassed she ran to her house only to never come back.
“Hey guys it’s time to go”, said Akash. “Someone call Sonia”. Her friends searched her everywhere around the place but couldn’t find a trace of her. Unwillingly they had to pay off the bills of the party but anger, mistrust, and betrayal filled their hearts as Sonia cheated them on her own birthday.
                                                Sonia was driving back home when she was kidnapped by someone she never knew and the people had some weird looking faces. And this was the reason she was unable to come back to her friends.
Her disappearance complaint was lodged in the police. And a detective was investigated into the matter where he found traces of blood in her car and a note, which read “I will never come back.” Her friends were inquired but none knew about her where-about and what happened to her.
In the midst of the eerie atmosphere, the dogs found a peculiar place surrounded by silence; here you can hear your own heart beats. It was a haunted place and no one has ever dared to have entered the vicinity of this place. The creeping doors, the stagnant pool and the old trees made the place even more horrible.

The detective was all by himself in the haunted place and his dog was his only companion. Though frightened he made his way to the haunted house.
“You shouldn’t be here”, shouted someone from the distant place. It is said the place is haunted by ghosts since long craving to find a way out from the mortals.
“Where is Sonia?” asked the detective in a trembling voice.
“I needed her soul to set myself free”, said the voice.
With a sudden flash a light shone on the Sonia’s body floating on the ceiling of the roof tied to a hundred of balloons. Blood was dripping from her feet. Frightened by the horrible sights and breathe stopping incidents happening around the place the detective fled away from the place. But the way he had taken to come into the house was now filled with a web of spiders. He struggled but couldn’t free himself from the webs. The ghosts suck his soul and every ounce of his body even the dog wasn’t spared.
The recent incidents and the disappearance first of Sonia and then the detective forced the Head of police department of police to give the task to the most experienced detectives Ali and Narendra.
The detectives were discussing about their investigation and the woman in the car was listening to their discussion as she was the very ghost who had suck up the souls of Sonia and the detective. The ghost had sucked the souls only to free herself from the mortal’s world.
                                                The detectives were led to the haunted house by the police dogs. Knowing night isn’t a good time to enter the haunted place turned away from the haunted house. They had planned to blast the house in the daylight.
The detectives, firemen, and the bombers were all present to blast off the place. They were all, ready to blast off the place, and pulled the triggered. There was a bang in the area but the place wasn’t destroyed. It seemed to have engulfed all the energy of the blast.
Beautiful angels came out of the haunted house and thanked the police, and to their utter astonishment, Sonia, the detective who went to the haunted house and the security policeman came out of the house.
A witch who stayed nearby revealed the fact that the souls trapped in the housed needed a huge amount of energy to free them. And the blast may have given them the energy to do so.

                                                The detectives stood bewildered looking at the haunted house. The place that looked scary a day before had transformed itself into a beautiful palace ever build by man on earth.