Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book Review of “The Sire of Humellis”

“The Sire of Humellis”

About the book:

An accident changed Adam’s life. He believed that destiny was in his hands, but he was not aware that what this destiny might bring him in the future.

It is a story of a courageous man and his passion for cycling. This love brings him to India to explore the unexplored Himalayan trails. They plan for tit and execute it very well. But there is something missing in the plan of his life which was decided years back at the time of the creation of humans that Adam is also not aware of.

He was selected to start again and to build hope for the future. Be the part of Adam’s journey of courage and see Himalaya, mystery village, dark places, extraordinary creatures and lands.

My Thoughts:

The first few pages of the book will give you the impression that it is a story of a person’s struggle and the latter half of the story will amaze you with the fighting spirit the man possesses. And you get a feeling that the story has a wonderful ending.

Just when I thought that, I looked at the number of pages left. Quite amazed I found I haven’t yet completed the book, there were more 100 pages left.

When you think the story has just reached its climax, the story begins with a series of adventurous to follow.

Is it a motivational story or a struggle story or is it an adventurous story, no, no it has to be Sci-Fi, what is it?

Find it in the story that unfolds itself with page.

I will sincerely ask the readers to buy this book the moment they get hold of it. The Sire of the Humellis will take you from a land of struggle to the world of fantasy, where you will meet the Creators of Earth and how Adam the protagonist of the story saves mankind from extinction.

Filled with thrill and suspense, it is the book you can’t put down, until you have reached the last page.

A must read novel, I loved the plot as it wasn’t what I expected and I have to say, it thrilled me beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.

5 stars to “The Sire of Humellis”- a new journey of Humans. 

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