Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Share a hug

Rajesh: Hi, Mohan let’s go for a cricket match.

Mohan: No, I don’t think it’s possible. Dad will scold.

Rajesh: Is it? Say him that, you are coming to my house to study. And we can go from my house to play.

Mohan: Good idea, meet you in an hour.

This is what friendship is all about to find a way out of nowhere and to create memories, rather than regretting about the opportunities missed. It’s all about creating memories and how we help a friend in need when he needs us the most.
Friendship is not what is taught in school, but if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship you haven’t learned anything.

Friendship is an alliance, an unbreakable alliance and an asset that stays with us till the very end of life and that we should celebrate responsibly.   

The visit into an unknown territory on bicycles, keeping secrets, telling lies for a friend, breaking the rules, late night hangouts, racing on highways, parties,  are all part of friends and is what describes friendship.

Friends share a very important part of everyone’s life, but with the passage of time they get far away from each other and get involved in their own life and jobs. The only way now of getting in touch is via WhatsApp or social networking sites.

The real celebrations begin when you meet them in person after a very long time and all those memories take a turn around and are played in a flashback. It is a moment that makes you feel, that you should never have, left them at the first place.

The hugs and laugh that follow are the true moments to treasure. It was what we had missed since a long time and now when we have all those, we want to cherish those valuable moments forever.

One such friend is Arati, with whom I have shared most of my secrets, got angry and also consoled each other and cherished each other’s company. In short "Arati" is the best friend I ever had.

If I have to describe Friendship, I can just say one simple thing “26 Alphabets of English isn't enough to describe friendship.”

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for audience above 25 years.