Sunday, 17 April 2016

Book Review of Rakshasa

Piyush Jha’s “Rakshasa” is one of its kinds of crime thriller book to have been ever published. The novel unravels the incidents and scenarios in the making of a serial killer. How is the person is treated psychologically, what makes him feel inferior and the path he treads to make himself feel superior. And how can a person under the similar circumstances take a very different path to make lives better and to fight for justice.

In the lust of power and superiority a serial killer goes on to hunt down women at his will, after having traumatic childhood and being kidnapped at an early age.

A child whose birth evaded a full planned attack on their house and saved countless lives is a boon for her family is caught in similar instance of feeling guilty of being the reason for the deaths of her cousin and aunty.

Deeply heartbroken and in the rage to find justice for her cousin’s death, grows up to become the Commissioner of Police, to uphold law and order.

The two children take up two different paths after being a part of more or less similar circumstances. What will happen when they meet and how is it going to affect lives will be revealed in the latter half of the book.

It is one of the best crime thriller books ever written in India next only to the Bestseller James Patterson.

The instances given in the book and how lives have been turned upside down by serial killers and the research the author has done in the process of writing the book is admirable.