Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Book review of the compulsive move

About the book

The inner struggle of a teen doing his own thing, as opposed to doing what is right. He hides his true intentions, from his friends and family, to uproot his entire life and move from St. Louis to Chicago. This novel undergoes a profile of his personal and work life, along with a step by step analysis of how he executed such a difficult task. Emotionally speaking, he thoroughly under thinks a lot of situations that leads to a series of bad decisions

My Review

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on!” ~William Shakespeare.

The compulsive move by Phillip is all about dreams and how a guy named Kevin struggles to make his dreams come true. He isn’t happy in his hometown and wants to move to Chicago to make a life for himself.

But life has its own plans for the young Kevin. He carves out a business plan to make it in a big city like Chicago. Initially he and his friends were successful in the venture but in the course of time that business went in a loss and that had a impact on the school he was trying to get into.
Now this isn’t something new for the people who start a business and fail. This happens almost in every part of the world and the story has showcased the struggle and success everyone tastes in business or a startup. Kevin isn’t the only guy who faces this. Life is full of ups and down, one who rises to the top is the one who bounced back hard and made it to the big arena of life.
A simple story about a person’s struggle and how a person’s family supports him at times when he not aware what one should do next and how to propel yourself to the one single dream you have dreamt of.
What I loved about the book was the very last paragraph after a lot of ups and downs in Kevin’s life,
“Life isn’t supposed to be easy. It is something that has to be lived and experienced,

He told himself over and over again.”

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