Saturday, 29 April 2017

We Won't Forget You Mr. McGillicuddy Book Review

My Review

When I first started reading the book I thought that it will be about war veterans and their life. The story took a completely different path all together and entered a world of fiction, where I was in awe of the story plot.

It starts with Mr. Gil trying to help his children when they run short of money and his son Robert constantly trying to make him understand that giving money to his kids won't help as they will always be dependent on him. Robert is a blogger who had retired to care of his aging dad a WWII veteran is the protagonist of the story. Mr. Gil suffers from memory loss and his old age is a big concern for his son. To make matters worse for Robert, his daughter is pregnant with her second child and is moving to stay with him after the father of the second child turned to meths and denied from taking care of her.

Now as the whole family is together Mr. Gil have a great time spending with his granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

Meanwhile the author introduces us to another character in the story Fedder. Fedder, who has a private company and is serving as a supervisor of an intelligence and security company, also authorizes over everyone working on the intelligence gathering project, that he obtained from the government and now is in the search of bloggers who pose a security threat and assigns a task to Reggie who has to rate them, based on their security risk.

Because of the radical thoughts of Robert and his blogging skill, Fedder tracks him down and he is in real danger.

Now, Robert has to devise a way out of the mess. Will he be able to make it out in one piece or is his life in real danger?

I won't be a spoiler alert about what would happen next and you have to read on to find out what happens next.

The best part of the book was the emotional connection that the Grandfather- Great had with his great granddaughter, Sapphire. When Mr. Gil asked her why she called him Grandfather- Great, she replied you are Grandfather and also you are great, so Grandfather- Great suites you.

I just loved these conversations between the oldest, with the youngest in a family. And how little Sapphire learnt life lessons from it. Even I learnt a couple of life lessons from Mr. Gil's life.

The pace of the story was great and I believed that the ending will be tragic but it was an unexpected ending with the story slowing moving from a tragic ending to one that keeps you in the hunt of what would happen in the sequel of the book.

Overall it is a great book and the narrations of the story plot is “THE BEST” of the stories in this genre.

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