Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Unlawful Justice

About the book

Baby, the sixteen-year-old daughter of the Diwan family’s household help, has been raped and brutalized. Vansh Diwan, a criminal lawyer, finds himself torn between a shot at justice for the girl and a very powerful client. He cannot bring himself to proceed at the risk of all that he has secured for his family. His wife Priti, distraught and devastated at her husband’s decision, turns to an old friend for help.

Akash Hingorani, top criminal lawyer and best friend to Priti and Vansh, must step up. He is Baby’s last chance. But things quickly unravel as Akash’s probe into the rape suddenly turns into a murder investigation. A powerful legal thriller that moves breathlessly from crime scene to courtroom to homes to lay bare the difference between law and justice.

My Review

Summary: Akash Hingorani wasn't touchable; potentially lethal. 
Advice: stay away, make peace, be humble, make amends if possible.

Vansh Diwan a renowned criminal lawyer, is up against his richest client and is in a dilemma of saving his firm or to stand for what is right. What seemed like a rape case suddenly changes to a murder case and now the tides have taken a different turn in just one night.

Life is very unpredictable and some things in life are best left untouched. But when the person is Maninder, a underworld don, he will leave no stones unturned to overthrow whosoever has murdered his son. Now when all seems lost for Vansh, his old friend Akash takes up the case. Akash Hingorani is one of the finest and the best criminal lawyer in the city. And when Akash is in the courtroom, the opposition doesn't stand a chance to win.

In a gripping crime thriller story plot Vish Dhamija has played his cards well. Mystery and suspense surrounds the story, making it an ultimate page turner.

When I first started reading the story, it seemed like any other crime thriller story, but as the story builds up and gets the momentum, everything changes. Rape case suddenly changes to a murder case. One who was hiding from the police is now dead. The story completely takes a huge U- turn.

Now when I thought the story was completely predictable, behold there is another twist at the end of the story. I had an inkling that the story isn't going to end soon. It indeed didn't!
So, you have to read till the very end to find out what an incredible story teller is Vish. Only a very few story tellers have the skill to keep their readers spellbound to the story plot and Vish Dhamija is one such author to have made the story spellbinding.

'I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.'

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