Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Adventues of Farland

In the pursuit to greatness, you have to be creative, innovative and should be able to tell stories which will sell itself. You just need to play with your imagination to give it the shape, that captures a person's attention.

And once you have added all the elements to that cooks up a great story, you are on the right path to achieve everything that you have ever dreamt of.

Mira had heard about the Farland but never knew that it existed, until one day she got an invitation from the Princess to attend the New Moon Party. On the way to the Farland she met many magical creatures like the Starman, Windman, Saltman, mermaids and many more of them.

But when she reached Farland, Queen of the Witches had attacked Farland and had embarked on a journey to free the Dragon of Underhill. If the dragon is freed, it will destroy everything in Farland.

Now Mira, has to make some quick decisions to save Farland from the atrocities of the Witch.

What will she do?

Will she be able to communicate with the Princess before it is too late?

Continue reading to find out what happed next.

Adventures of Farland has all the element of imagination, creativity and innocence that will instantly connect with the kids reading the book. Its a fairy tale that every child would love to hear as his/her bedtime stories. The story could have been a bit longer and I felt that there should have been a little more twist, which would have added more flavor to the story.

What I loved about the story is that it was simple and the characters in the story justified their roles. Overall the story plot was good and it is a must buy book for kids.

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