Saturday, 9 December 2017

Hell No Saints in Paradise.

The world is an amazing place to live in and to finding a purpose in life will give you just the right momentum to propel you in your quest of finding the unknown and living your dreams. Life will never be the same again once and ever new turn you take will be different.

Ismael is in the year 2050 and having been in New York since the age of 18 had lost his connection with Pakistan, his birth place. He advocates that Hell and Paradise are a place of imagination and can never be real. Now while discussing with facts and opinions about it she recommends him to visit ayahuasca.

Visiting the weird place, he is spellbound and meets Chacha Khidr who says hims to return to Pakistan and when he returns home he finds a one way ticket for Lahore and a stack of notes from Pir, who urges him on the path of self discovery.

Now Pakistan has changed for good and the world that used to be 12 years ago when he left for America is no more the same. Even cricket has changed under the name of Khalifa. Cricket is a religion India and Pakistan. Changing it changes everything.

Ismael finds out that his father is a supporter of Khalifa and he has been chosen by good willed people who want him to go against his father for the greater good.

Will he go against his father and how will he convince himself to move forward in that direction?

I did feel at times that the story was being dragged and the violence in the name of religion really did dishearten me and there was one time when I felt that enough is enough.

The story should really pick up pace and make things move faster. It did after a few pages and it was really exciting towards the climax.

In an ultimate page turner A.K. Asif will compel you to choose between the good and bad.

Yes, being of a different religion, changes everything you know about life and how the other religion responds to it. I didn't find any difference in the end. But initially I was torn apart from all the violence and killings happening in the name of gaining Paradise and Allah.

All well that ends well.”

 I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.