Sunday, 21 October 2012

Think of it twice!!!

Ever heard a fairy tale, where everything fall into place and the characters amuse you and you love listening to them, when you were young as kids from your parents and grandparents.
                                                      The story has some amusing characters and their sense of humour often makes you giggle and you laugh to your heart content you eagerly await about what is going to happen next, with all excitement. But at the end of the story it always happen that you fall asleep much before even the story reached its last part.
                                                      So, in your sleep you make a journey of your dreams where all your wildest thoughts come into action and again you enjoy to your heart content. Characters go on adding and they continue to amuse you in reality and in your dreams. It seems as if they enter your world, play their part, make us rejoice with their acts and moves, and again are ready to be put into another name in some other story.
                                                      Life is also the same, you just need to do the same, keep on adding characters in your life, let people into your life, touch a million lives and change their lives for another million years and rejoice at the good work you did. Learn to rejoice every moment of your life, cherish to its full content and remember, “Life is a do-it yourself project.”
                                                      Everything you do you owe them. Don’t read this as if I am trying to teach you or you are reading it so that you can learn from it.
                                                      Don’t do that. Rejoice reading it. Amplify your thoughts. Be simple. This is the way you are going to live a life of your own and forever.
                                                      And, as in the story everything falls into place in the right place at the right moment, so is it in reality. Everything that had happened and is happening and will happen is a part of a story, a beautiful story that God has written with his own hands and is trying to make you rejoice it by reading it aloud. Just listen to your conscience and you will listen to the Supreme Power’s story for you.
And now when you have done this, let yourself fly, fly into your world of Dreams, leave fate at its place. Re-innovate yourself and say to yourself and the Supreme Power
                                                      “Thank you God, for making me a character of your story and I wish I have played my part well. Take me onto your lap; and I want to listen stories forever, beside you. And I wish there is no place suitable enough for me than your lap. I am the Best as you describe me and I want to be with you forever. I can’t much, because now my Heart fells connected with you and
Let the story Begin!!!”