Sunday, 21 October 2012

Helping Hand

Let me tell you a story. In a forest there was a huge fire that broke out at some part of the day time. And it was engulfing large portions of the forest in one bite. The animals of the jungle frightened ran to save their lives from the fire. And within some hours everyone from the forest fled away. The monkeys went on to the top most branch of the tallest tree. In the meanwhile, an Old Monkey says that a tiny Robin was taking small amount of water in her beak and was putting on the fire. And she was continuously. The monkey seeing this said, “You little Robin, have you gone mad that you are trying to put off this huge fire with this small amount of water.” The Robin didn’t pay any heed to his words and continued to pour water on the fire. The monkey criticized again and again. Finally after sometime the robin said,
“Fine old monkey, when this fire broke out do remember when you all big animals are trying to flee away, I being a small robin is at least trying to put it off the fire. When history will talk about this huge fire that broke on this forest, my name won’t be in the list of animals that fled away from the fire, rather I will be on the list who tried to put off the fire, though being a small bird.”
There is a moral in the story which we have to learn. However small may we be or whatever opportunities we have in our lives, if we capitalise on those small things we can do wonders in our present.
So, if you go on to say that I belong to that group or community which gets very less opportunities to thrive in this ruthless world, I will suggest you, to make the Best use of every small thing that you have with you at this moment. And you may have forgotten that you have a wonderful gift with you, and that is the “Helping Hand”.
This hand can change your lifestyle and the way you lived till date. You can help people worldwide and then you can count on their Blessings and when you do this you get an extra edge and you put yourself way ahead that anyone in this whole Universe.
You move closer to self realisation and self-improvement and in future, History will remember you that, your small and ordinary effort made an extra-ordinary change in this world and your name will be immortal.
You have unlimited and endless opportunities in your life and you are a MASTERPIECE yourself. And a master piece can only create something that is Beautiful and The Best. You can give life to dead, with your immortal touch; just you need to understand that.
Once done you will create Wonders around you. And Let your Beautiful Flower Bloom again in the Garden of Wonder and Dreams.