Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Real Competition lies ahead......

The Real Competition lies ahead......

What is the real competition that lies ahead.....???

 What is it that 2013 really holds for you.....???

Is it the only year I have been looking for since to be my absolute Best Year.....???

Are some of the real questions that you need to be asking to yourself this day...?

So, all you need to do is to “Devote” yourself onto the one and only thing that gives you happiness and the real thing, which you always wanted to do. You know what it is, when you get a lump in your throat.
                   I choose this word, “Devote” with much care and pleasure for all of you reading this. It’s the word that is self-explanatory and you know the strength of it, with your intuition.
                   It’s an utter pious and a supernatural word used only for Almighty and used when you completely drown yourself onto the very best that you choose to be. Remember, devotion is necessary in each and every task that you uphold. It takes you hand in hand to the Best that can be, above all limitations and barriers.
                   The real competition that really lies ahead, this moment is to be at self, to follow your intuition; to be the very best that you can be, to stand up to everything that is good, to make strong the weaken and to mend those who are broken and above all vanquish the evil.
                   And when you have done all of the above along with the necessary additions to this list you are on your way to “Devotion” and  for the Real Competition that lies ahead....