Thursday, 10 January 2013


What is that puts in question on a person’s effectiveness, honesty, dedication towards the job he does? It’s definitely not money, nor is it the absence of job opportunities and even not his ideas.
                                                It’s TIME.
The real problem is that people don’t find time for self and are really obsessed with stuffs, that they are, even not aware of. Thus being “busy being busy”. They have stopped “imagining” and they have stopped being “creative”. And they pass out a comment to themselves, “Are we kids?”  Should we will start painting, dancing to the tunes and should I go to play music because this is what I did when I was a kid and throw my job to do it. It’s just totally not possible.
Hey!! Just wait for a second. It may sound weird but,
“Why don’t you give it a try?”
All you really wanted to do, and all that what makes you happy. NOW is the perfect time to start. And remember, “Being Happy”, is the utmost “Desire” of everyone.
Think logically, when you get a lot of time to INVEST on yourself, isn't it WONDERFUL. To grab a cup of coffee, a good magazine, fell the breeze, play the music, enjoy the serene beauty of nature.
                                                          And now ask to yourself, “Is it what I was longing for ever since I was a kid?” “Is it this I need to really focus upon?” subsequently ask some endless number of questions to yourself.
  Now feel the difference after you have done everything you really wished for, since long. And your HEART AGREES with it.
                                                          Indeed this world is amazing and its beauty is even more magnanimous. For the things you love to do, you need not to be compelled, rather it’s your inner desire to be at your very “BEST”. All you need is to follow your instincts and your intuition. And to value your freedom. They may look weird but it guarantees you an incredible life.
“Yup”, “Incredible Life”
Park your dreams even before you dream of it. It’s wonderful!!
“Trust me” more importantly
“Trust yourself”
“Be excited”, “Be Honest” indeed every time!!