Friday, 1 March 2013

Everything falls in place

Everything falls in place
Ever wondered why the flowers blossom, the trees grow, the rice paddy ebbs and falls, the birds sing. It seems as if everything falls into the right place, in the right time and it seems as if nature has its own rules for its growth. The stars twinkle, the volcanoes erupt, the planets revolve and many heavenly bodies are born and destroyed.
Wonderful isn’t it!!!!!
There is miracle happening every second.
How is that happening?
Why is it happening and who is responsible for these happenings?
There are some innumerable questions that need to be answered and yet there are questions waiting for someone to discover them.
So, whosoever may be responsible, irrespective of how is it happening and why, we seem to enjoy the moments and rejoice on the happenings. So, I want you to focus on one simple rule which makes things fall in place, is Happiness. Be happy, don’t regret and find the (EEEs) Enjoyment, Entertainment and Excitement in everything you love. Be grateful for everything that has happened and that is happening.
So, when you are happy and you are enjoying every moment of your life your nerve impulse comes in resonance with the natural world. And ideas flow in and excitement level is doubled and you find people who are in your, same resonance level. You are filled with passion and excitement. It seems to you that everyone is happy and you seem to replicate happiness. And everything falls in the right place for you. It is as such you don’t have to put effort for the works you do, and it is done effortlessly. And it helps you to replicate success, happiness and to find time for yourself in the midst of the hustle bustle of life.
For the first time ever you feel the power of the present moment.
Now you have to do one simple thing leave the place a thousand times better than you did find it at the first time. Give it a Midas touch. Be the best person you can be.
Be happy!! Don’t Regret!!
And to your wonder you will find
“Everything falls in the right place, just as the way you want”
To your Incredible Success,
Your Fan,
Kishan Chand Swain.