Monday, 26 January 2015

Dynamo Magician Impossible

Dynamo Magician Impossible

Life is a series of magical moments brought together and there is always an element of surprise about what is going to happen next.
Is life going to enchant you or you are going to be enchanted by the mystifying force magic is for you to decide.

If you believe in the impossible and in the power of magic and only if you want to be entertained by its beauty without questioning, I will take you to the world of magic. And as all magicians have an element of surprise, the magician I present before you, has brought to you “Street Magic”.

“Miracles and Magic”, happen only in this world.
“If you have something wonderful share it with world”.
                                                                                                says Steven Frayne.  Mesmerising, elegant and that twinkle in his dark eyes says a lot about his persona. And you know what he has a style statement, “Just to walk away”, after performing his illusion of magic.

Now you must have a camera to capture the “Woooo’s” and “Wooooooow’s”, of the crowd that surrounds him. You will regret for not having one, for some moments stays for that little amount of time. Now for all those who have a camera and if you are a photographer you will get a perfect and a unique blend of “bewilderedness”, “astonishment ” and an element of “surprise” and “fear”.
Now let me introduce you to the


Top 5 moments of Dynamo:
5. Dynamo’s Butterfly Trick. Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZx0tC4hSf8

4. Walking on The Thames River

3. Dynamo Levitating in Rio and in Great Britain

2. Dynamo Vanishing

1. Dynamo in India: Where he did his candle trick and lit dias all over the Ganges

Dynamo Biography:
Real Name: Steven Frayne.
Born: 17th Dec 1982.
Home town: Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Steven learnt magic from his grandpa and has become the most famous magician of all times. Its a rare feat to see him live.
Watch out the next season of Dynamo “Dynamo In India”, where he pays a visit to the Ancient City of Varanasi and the commercial capital of India, Mumbai on History TV18.

Don’t ever dare to miss any episodes of it, for you will never get to see him again after this season.
BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!
HE CAN VANISH INTO THIN AIR, in a wink of an eye.