Thursday, 22 January 2015

Forgotten Dreams

Forgotten Dreams
Lonely and secluded, you wish all your dreams to come true. Dreams, lost in the sands of time which now form a mirage and give a false impressions of its presence at the distant land.
                                      You chase it with the hope, to catch hold of it but it flies away swiftly, as if it has always been at a distant horizon. Bewildered you seek answers, of what has happened in reality or has it happened in the first place, but only to find that you had been talking to yourself and the question has gone unanswered.

                                      No one ever cares to give you an answer; ironically no one is there to answer in the first place. An eerie feeling engulfs your thoughts and darkness reign supreme over your dreams and the world is such a lonely place to live in and your loneliness hardly makes a difference to the passerby.

                                      So, many dreams and planning seems to be in vain for you have chosen to move away from it but you feel, you have to follow the crowd ahead, for it might take you to your dream place.

                                      Fame and fortune stand there waiting. They will never fade away. They are both yours for the asking, but there’s a price you need to pay. For that, you need to believe in you dreams, and to take stand against all odds. You may fail but you'll never be defeated.

“Seek and you shall find”,

“Ask and you shall receive.”