Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Baby steps

Baby steps

Life was given to us a thousand of years ago and everyday is a new beginning. It’s a beautiful world and is ever changing. If anything that has affected it, is change. Change is the only thing that is permanent and you need to continuously change and adapt yourself to the ever changing situations. And what is more wonderful is that it gives you a chance to improve and to rectify your mistakes.

Everyone has his/her stories and they are always different. Many stories are heard and again many don’t even get a voice. It’s a wonderful campaign by Housing.com to really ask guys to share their stories and to look at life from a different perspective.

Anything that has happened or that will happen has a reason behind it. So, nothing happens without a cause.

It was the month of May of 2009, when I was in my intermediate and is was literally fed up with the college that I was studying, for I always knew there is a better college that I can get admission into. I had asked my father to take me to the city and get me admitted to a better one, he agreed to it but when the day came to take to the city, he was a completely different person and went against what he had promised. I felt very bad for I hadn’t done anything wrong to be put in such a situation. I had to then decide, should I compromise with my dreams or to take do something so that I won’t regret for the rest of my life.

So, I decide to leave my house and cycled all the way to the city. I father got very angry and he was even confused and didn’t talk to me for a whole month. Never the less he allowed me to go to the city and join study. I went to various tuition and met someone who would in a year and half time from that day, would change my life. We were good friends and it’s said birds of same feather flock together. We had a great time at the tuition and enjoyed every bit of it.

But our ways got separated after we finished our annual exams only to be roommates in our engineering college. There he shared with me an opportunity of network marketing, to start our business. We had heard that American guys study and earn as part time in their colleges. It was our opportunity to do so and earn while studying.

We both did a pretty good job and earned a lot, during our engineering studies. We motivated a lot of guys to joins us, heard people talk at our back, saw guys who were willing to joining us and to change their lives, lead a team to achieve specified targets, moved out of the city to another, discovered new places, ate new cuisines, moved to different states to expand our business.

We organised free Blood donation camps, IT Literacy camps, We Respect Women campaigns and we all did it silently without making a fuss about it. We have one single motto; if you help someone and make a change for the betterment and shout out loud then you want to show off, not help.

And we met our seniors in the company who were Millionaires and who were way successful than their friends, they had a different aura altogether, they stood out of the crowd. Rather being a part of the crowd, they were the reason for it.

Everything can be achieved, if you are willing to put in that extra, that makes a difference between ordinary and Extraordinary and if you are willing to help people achieve their dreams.

Taking that very decision to leave my house in my intermediate to join a better college and to join the Network Marketing Company, in engineering did really change my life forever.

Life is full of opportunities, if you are present at the right place, at the right time, with a bit of luck by your side and the blessings of Almighty.

Thank you  https://housing.com/  for giving us a chance to share our life changing stories with the world.