Saturday, 14 March 2015

Wonderful Moments

Wonderful Moments

Nature is the biggest scientist and it has wonderful treasures hidden within it and has the power to change everything. It created mankind and all the wonders in the world for us to enjoy and appreciate it. It has made everyday a memorable one and has given us the hope that today will be better than yesterday.

Every day brings with it the uncertainty of what is going to happen next and how are things going to wind up. There are many wonderful moments that we have rejoiced and to relive those moments are even more wonderful.

On a funny note, J I think the day I took my first breathe of new life, should be my most memorable day. Though I don’t have even the slightest hint of what happened or how the day was, but it must have been the most wonderful day for my parents and the Almighty Krishna.
Life has presented me many wonderful moments and to choose a single day will be a difficult task. Never the less I will share my memorable days.

“#paperbackvsebooks”--- It was an Indispire topic for Edition 44, where my idea got the highest number of votes and I remember logging into Indiblogger, every now and then to check if my idea was voted or not. I was just a perfect ending to 2014, on a high note. That day I just understood that an Idea can change everything and it has the power to force people to think out of the box and to move out of the comfort zone. It is easy to create an idea but when you implement it, you realise the true power it holds and how it can change your future forever.

And to quote, “Ideas are no one’s monopoly.”

“We Respect Women Campaign”--- This is a campaign that took me out of my comfort zone all together. It took me to places I had never imagined existed and made me realise how deep impact can it make to the society. We were all Engineering students who, with the help of eBIZ.com Pvt.Ltd, started a campaign in Bhubaneswar to make people pledge that they are going to respect women, by giving their handprints and we did send the handprints to the concerned government officials. Our mission was to reach out more and more people to create the awareness. Our Associates in Mumbai, were asked to join the 1st episode of Satyameva Jayate, hosted by Aamir Khan for their wonderful work for creating a safer place for women to live in. They really showed their mettle, and proved themselves to be real MEN.

My first Cheque --- I was completely overwhelmed, when I got my first commission cheque of Rs 2000, which I earned in my initial days of my engineering career. I had asked my grandfather to collect the cheque and he was very happy to see his grandson earn ethically at just the age of 18. It is a feeling, where 26 alphabets of English, are not just sufficient to describe it. It is just an incredible feeling. Now when I see my friends enjoying their first salary, I just say to myself some things in life should be rejoiced at a very early stage. It is best to be in the race ahead than everyone.

Yesterday --- I was in my room researching about my next blog post, when there was a bang on my door. I was in a shock of what happened, and my friend excitedly said that he was selected for his dream job. At we instantly went for his job treat. We were about to take our first bite, when another friend of mine, who had toiled day and night for his dream job also got his offer letter for the job. I just said that 13th of March 2015 was evenly poised for both of my friends by nature and Almighty.

These are some of my wonderful moments that I had in my life and the very recent one, happened just yesterday. Campaigns, Ideas, My First cheque are what made my day at some point in my life. Really life is awesome, who are willing to risk their life by moving out of their comfort zone, to fight for their dreams and to make this world a better place to live in.

Thank you Housing in helping me remember those wonderful moments all over again.