Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Top reasons you should buy HTC mobile.

Top reasons you should buy HTC mobile.
HTC stands for High Tech Computer Corporation, which is one of the premier companies producing smartphones. It did produce smartphones on Windows platform and with the advent of Android; it has touched new heights and is continuously improving its brand and its products.
HTC has categorised its smartphones into HTC One and HTC Desire Family. And both have been applauded in the smartphone arena. If you are going to buy a HTC smartphone, do look at the One and Desire series.
Now getting into the top reasons why you should buy an HTC mobile phone are:
·       Its sleek and metallic finish makes it look stylish and luxurious.

·       It boasts on 1080p HD screen and WQHD four times higher resolution than normal HD in its One series.

·       Talking about its processor it offers Octa-core and quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 or 810 processor, making multitasking better, without any lags and delay.

·       The speaker on the front sounds awesome, getting help from audio specialist Dolby.

·       Flash with camera helps you to capture in low light along with high resolution of 13MP and 8MP in the HTC One series and it also offers 441 PPI in HTC One M8 and 565 PPI in HTC One M9, with 5 inch display.     

·       HTC M8 has 4MP duo camera with UltraPixel technology, which means it is more capable of capturing far more light than any other camera, even if the megapixel is higher than 4MP (say 8MP) with
UltraPixel technology, it can capture better images.

·       Its cornering Gorilla Glass 4 screen protection in M9, gives it the power to endure shock if it drops on the ground without breaking.

·       With 2GB and 3GB RAM in its M8 and M9 respectively and memory card slot is expandable to 128GB. It makes way to carry more data and faster multitasking with higher RAM.

·       The battery capacity is powered with 2600 and 2840 mAH Li-Po, for M8 and M9 respectively, so you can use it a bit longer than 2100mAH battery.
With all the above features it is a power packed smartphone and the one you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off it. Stunning design and metallic finish with Ultra Pixel technology are highlights of the HTC smartphones.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy a HTC.