Tuesday, 14 July 2015

International Authors’ Day Celebration

International Authors’ Day Celebration

International Authors’ Day is a great way to show our gratitude for the authors who kept us spell bound till the last page of the books they wrote. And given the opportunity to do so, I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity.

Of many books that I have read last year, are mostly the books that I have reviewed on my blog. It was a great experience to review books of different genre and flavour, each having a different aura from the other. It just couldn’t have been possible without the support of Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay. I would really take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to her, for giving me the opportunity to review books and helping me grow in the process.

Thank you, Debdatta for organizing this event. You can find a lot about her by clicking the following links 

http://www.b00kr3vi3ws.in/ and www.b00kr3vi3wtours.blogspot.in

Jeffery Archer, Amanda Hocking, Ashwin Sangi, Stephen Mernilo, James Patterson, Amish are my favourite authors since last year and the books that I loved the most are The Guardians of Halahala, Rework, Scion Of Ikshvaku, The Curse of Brahma, The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins,  Calm by Michale Acton Smith and the Water Song Series by Amanda Hocking.

I have added to more books from a different genre altogether, my interest in the Universe and the heavenly bodies. Antimatter and Parallel Worlds, the two books are of a different dimension and the knowledge they share is splendid.

Reading has been my hobby ever since I started reading Chandamama and Champak as a kid, so to nurture and safeguard it has been my greatest endeavor. Thanks to all the authors who have done an incredible work in writing great books and for being the guardians of creative thinking. I wish you will continue to foster the new generations of writers and help them in creating a better world.

Wish to read more great books this year. 

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