Sunday, 21 February 2016

“But I was normal, like daily”

“But I was normal, like daily”

World is a spectacular palace to live in. To appreciate its beauty you need to see the unseen, to look between the lines. In short you should look at life from a different perspective.

Whatever may be the due course of life but you still must be thinking that why the blog post’s title is

“But I was normal, like daily”

And this answer may provoke you to ask who said this and why?

“You are looking awesome today.”
“Good night.”
“But I was normal, like daily.”

This is a conversation that I was having with a friend of mine the other night.

She meant to say that her attire was normal like every day and there is nothing new to it.

The message that lies hidden in the sentence speaks out loudly for itself. It says you were a diamond for every single day of your life; you just needed the perfect set of eyes to distinguish you from the coal you were a part of.

It is the truth that you were not even aware of. Each and every single one of you reading this post must know that you are the most prized possession of your parents. You are meant for greatness that has not been achieved or thought of.

All you need is that particular blacksmith who looks at your eternal beauty that you posses, overlooking the dust that covers you.

Now that you have known that you are a diamond and you are the same every single day, you can’t go back to your normal life. It is now your responsibility to fill people lives with light that shines deep within you. That defines who you truly are.

Now remember this when you are at the epitome of your success, never forget the people and circumstances that made you the person you are now.

Be grateful. And there will be times when you will face your worst fears, then remember that even a single spark of light can tear apart the darkness that lies beyond.

Redefine, refine and continuously move towards outshining only and only yourself. There is a saying

“To shine like a sun, you have to burn like the sun.”