Sunday, 25 September 2016

Book Review of Taken

Book Blurb:

Will you walk away from everything you know to save the love of your life?
Aria West: I was meant to kill him but just one look from him felled me instead.
Jai Iyeroy: I cannot lose her again. This time I will do anything to keep her safe.
Three years ago Jai let the only woman he ever loved walk out of his life, but Aria is back now. And she’s in danger. This time, Jai will do anything, even break his vow to protect his city, to keep her safe.

A second chance paranormal romance featuring shifters, set in a near-future where successive economic downturns in the West have resulted in refugees seeking shelter in the East.

A standalone story in the Many Lives series.


In what was once India, Bombay is the capital of the newly formed Indostan. It is also one of the most prosperous cities in the world. On the other hand, successive economic downturns have stripped most Western cities including London of its wealth. A plutocratic government in Britain has pushed many to seek a new life in the East. Refugees from London now pour into Bombay, into the camp nicknamed the Jungle. And no one is safe from the growing menace of the merciless human-wolf hybrids.

My Review

The story is filled with supernatural beings and the very first pages of the book will let you feel their presence. Werewolves attacking humans and they are being hunted down by the humans for their survival.

Jai the protagonist of the story is the only son the Mayor of the newly formed city after the World was wiped out by the tsunami is trying to figure out what to do with his life in the right way. And then we have Aria who is trying to save herself and her sister from being hunted by the werewolves with Jai’s help.

Jai has a super powerful sword that was given by his mother, which everyone wants.

Filled with supernatural elements and the urge to be the most powerful person in the world the characters have to make hard choices on which side they want to take.

I am reading the next book in the series and will post my review in a few days time and will let you know what happens in the sequel.

I just love reading fantasy and dystopian stories and this is a genre that I love to read. Taken is a must read book. The elements of love, politics and duty are perfectly blended in the story which makes the plot more fascinating. You can find yourself going through the pages effortlessly.