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In Conversation with Namrata

About the book:

Give life another chance. Laugh a little longer. let go of your past. Hold onto what you love. In short LIVE rather than just exist!

Some told, some untold, some heard and some unheard - this collection of stories will make you look at life in a different light and make you ponder over its definition of it till now.

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Quotes from Metro Diaries 2:

All the money his parents earned sadly could never buy a moment’s peace for any of them as they kept drifting away like lost constellations into the space. Together they surely were in a way, but light years away in every manner. There was absolutely no connection between them. They just were like every other thing that existed in the universe… the oceans, the sky, the earth, the stars, the sun and the moon. You couldn’t change anything about them even if you didn’t like the way they were. – The Last Kiss (Metro Diaries Part 2)

You are enough in everything and anything you do in this world. Others are here to serve as a distraction so that they reach their goals before yours and become winners. – The Last Kiss (Metro Diaries Part 2)

At times in life we always see what we are being shown and not what lies behind that cloak of disguise. We believe all that comes our way without doubting that there could be a trick or maybe just a hallucination. – Charlatan (Metro Diaries Part 2)

Life they say is a like a jigsaw puzzle and we are all like those pieces trying to find where we fit in. – Labour of Love (Metro Diaries Part 2)

Perhaps she had forgotten the thumb rule for survival here. There is nothing called yours here.  No will, no desire, no dreams, no ambitions….nothing. Not even your name. – The Plummet (Metro Diaries Part 2)

What else do you do when you are a teenager? Life seems to be one long party full of fun and frolic with your best friends all around. You just know your world is full of rainbow colours; sweetness of chocolates filling it and abundant beautiful dresses to doll you up.  Love and relationships take a different meaning altogether now making you look at everything around including yourself in newer light. – Love v/s hate (Metro Diaries Part 2)

I always felt I knew what I wanted in life. But today I realized how wrong I was. I was chasing mirages as the reality kept going away from me and now I am left with nothing in hand – Rags to Riches(Metro Diaries Part 2)

People make memories and then reach a phase where memories make people! – Mou Athena (Metro Diaries Part 2)

Author Interview

Q. What inspired you to write the book?

Life. I kept on meeting such inspiring people with beautiful stories that I wanted to capture them in my words.

Q. When did you realise that you want to write a book?

When I had been published in 8 anthologies I realised that somewhere it needs to change. I cannot remain an anthology queen I need a bigger canvas to paint it with all the stories I want to share with the world and what better way to do that than to write.

Q. Who helped you in writing the book and please say about their contributions?

A lot of people for whom this place might not suffice however to name a few it would be Swarnali and Sridevi they were my constant motivators, Ruchira who has been a solid support when it comes to feedback on my writing and follow ups if I am writing or not!

Q.How is your book going to inspire the readers?

I want them to look at life with love and fall in love with life. I want them to understand that we all are flawed and have our own battles to deal with. A smile, a hug and a touching gesture can help us all sail through easily.

Q. If you are given the chance to change one thing in your book what would it be?

*Narcissist alert* Nothing. I love it the way it is. J

Q. How do you find time to write and which part of the day is best for writing for you?

I don’t look at writing as a chore. I do it as something that I really enjoy doing it. I write in the mornings and at night, I need a quite atmosphere to write and that helps the most.

Q. Which books have inspired you the most, in the journey of writing this book?

Ah! There are many. R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days, Manto’s collected works, Paulo Coelho’s books etc to name a few.

Q. What is the best advice, you would give for writers who are trying to write a book?

Keep writing – for yourself not for anyone else. Remember if you write something you love, the reader will surely love it.

Q. What are your hobbies?

Apart from writing, I read, paint, dance and sing (when no one is listening!)
What can we expect from you in the future?

A travelogue (series of 6 books), a coffee table book, a collection of letters and ofcourse Metro Diaries # 3.


About the Author:

Namrata is A Lost Wanderer who loves travelling the length and breadth of the world. A published author in various anthologies and magazines she enjoys capturing the magic of life in her words. She is forever in pursuit of a new country and a new story.

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