Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Book Review of Angel by Sebastian

About the book:

"A delight to read. So delicate, casually cruel, wickedly funny and wildly alluring."
- Stephen Fry

Damion is a boy so beautiful that everybody falls in love with him. This, his greatest advantage in life, gradually turns into his heaviest burden and so as he reaches adulthood, Damion, in an act half wanton, half heroic, destroys what for most people - but not for him - has come to define his essence. - A classic tale of a young man in search of his destiny.

My review:

When I first started reading the book I was taken by the beauty with which the author had described the protagonist of the story.

How do you describe someone so beautiful that both men and women love you alike and fall for you every time you pass by; the first few pages of the story describes that in the most eloquent way ever possible.

The storyline is incredible focussing on the merits and demerits of such beauty Damion, the protagonist of the story possess. How does one face ordeals and how to overcome it? How the world around you changes and things do happen around you without you having the faintest idea that you were the reason behind it.

Is it a boon or curse to have such a gift?

With so many questions and an answer to few, join Damion in his journey to find the truths of life and how.

You will love the plot and be mesmerised, by the way the author had projected his thoughts in the story.
Wish you have a great time reading the book.

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About the author

Sebastian was born in Manchester, UK, into a Swiss family and grew up in Basel, Switzerland, where his first two plays were staged while he was still at school and university.

Since moving to London at the age of 21, he has written several stage plays, among them The Power of Love, Love Hurts and Time After Time, which together now form the Love Trilogy and each of which individually reached the shortlist, long list and final ten respectively of Soho Theatre's Verity Bargate Award in separate years. His play Top Story was presented as a rehearsed reading at the ICA in May 2008 as part of the Accidental Festival and his latest play, Baur au Lac received a rehearsed reading starring Susannah York in Spring 2010. Both are now earmarked for production in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Earlier plays of Sebastian's were seen on the London and Edinburgh fringe and include QED, Sisters and All the World. He also wrote the book and lyrics for the musical Monstersound which made it into the final round of the Musical of the Year Competition in Copenhagen and the book for Alvaro's Balcony, which premiered in September 2008 at the Landor Theatre.

Sebastian has written and directed two short films: Twenty-Six Takes on Life Without Allen which was screened at festivals in Chicago, Los Angeles, Lisbon and Padua, and The Study of Bunkers & Mounds in a Temperate Climate (Relatively Speaking) which was in the official selection for the International Film Festival Locarno 2007. His first feature film as a writer/director is The Hour of Living which was completed in February 2012. Sebastian is now working towards realisation of his second feature film, Soho, Night 9X9.
Sebastian has so far written one novel, Angel, and he is the writer of Genius Planet, a collaboration with Professor Ludger Hovestadt and Vera Bühlmann of ETH Zürich, which postulates a new, networked energy model for the Digital Age, and is due for publication in 2012.