Saturday, 24 December 2016

Book Review of Judas and Jezabel

About the book

This is a story about lust, greed, and betrayal. C.Y. Brown agreed to move from Brooklyn, New York to New Jersey with a wealthy young couple and their baby. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect the couple to use her and the baby as pawns for their own greed and self gratification.
A long and nasty divorce, involving multiple lawyers, psychologists, family secrets and continuous lies by the couple. The husband tries to hold on to his money and the wife tries to grasp as much of the money as she can. What lies ahead for Carol and a young innocent child, trapped in the psychological game of cat and mouse?

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My Review

The story starts with what I felt like a warning for men that they should treat women in a better way than preying on them.

The story describes the relationship of Connor and Sharon. Sharon is married to a wealthy businessman Connor. They have a small daughter Cindy who needs a nanny as both the parents are busy in their lives because and need someone to take care of their daughter.

This is where the protagonist of the story Carol comes into existence and does a pretty good job as a nanny. Things turn around as she finds out that Sharon is cheating Connor and that eventually leads to divorce.

The only person who is really affected by all this mayhem is Cindy as she is too small to understand such complexities of life.

I had a lot of expectations of something would happen to the Connor and Connor is going to create some nuisance that he is going to be punished for, but nothing of that sort happened and that did let me down. Instead Sharon had a lot of issues and Cindy was mostly an invisible character in the story that the author brought into life whenever there was a need.

Nevertheless the story was one of its kinds and is aimed at the adults who are practically not sure about their marriage life and what issues should they focus on in their live apart from their jobs.

It was a good read but I still doubt the story plot and I wish there was more suspense to the story.

About the author

C.Y. Brown worked in law enforcement prior to coming to the United States. She studied Child Psychology, Early Child Care Development and Human Relations. Brown's experience in childcare has enabled her to work for lawyers, doctors, and celebrities. Her hobbies are cooking, reading, arts and craft , traveling and interior design. She currently resides in New York, USA.