Tuesday, 30 May 2017

You will do anything for her

Book blurb:


What I want most is to feel cared about and loved by you.
I’ve tried everything, but it’s not working.
What more can I do?
I love you so much, but I don’t feel like there are two of us in our relationship.

When you fell for her, were you so crazy in love and happy to be with her that you did whatever she wanted, so she’s happy with you? 

Do you feel your relationship isn’t working for you, but it sure seems to be working great for her?

Are you exhausted from trying so hard to please her?

Do you sometimes think that there is something wrong with you?

Would you like someone to tell you why you’re so unhappy and why your relationship isn’t working?

Would you like to learn something new about yourself and learn what you have to do to get what you want in your relationship?

My review:

The worlds around you will change once you find the person who cares about you and your feelings and with whom you can be your self, so, that you’re emotionally stable. In a relationship you need the love of the other person and get the same amount of love back in return. And finding that perfect partner is one of the many important things in life.

The authors of the book “You will do anything for her”, describes how one falls in love with the other partner and how you make every effort to make her feel loved and care about her. The initial stage of the relationship is wonderful and you start believing that she is your life and start planning for your future with her.

The author describes this as a one-person relationship where she is dominating your life and wants all your attention. You begin to lose your self. And when you can’t fulfil what she needs she blames you, putting you in an emotional turmoil.

Now the author describes why there is a one-person relationship. This is the best part of the book and 
I don’t want to be a spoiler. This part speaks in length and breadth about the emotional aspect of your life as you were growing from being a kid to an adult. And how your tastes change and how the past influences your present.

In the last the author has given a few ideas about how to change for better, so that you start believing on your self than wasting your energy on someone else. People do change so should you, to lead a life of our dreams rather than, that of regrets.

Excellent self help book! This book shares with you all the tricks of the trade and will be of a great help if you’re suffering from one-person relationship. I loved the fact that the author did use the word “your self” rather than yourself, so that you can focus more on YOUR self, rather than anything else.

The authors have a solid command over the issues they have shared in the book and have beautifully put their opinions which every person can relate to. I am looking forward to read more self help books by the authors.

Loved each and every aspect of the book!

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