Monday, 5 June 2017

Book Review of Outland Exile

Book Review of Outland Exile

Incredible piece of work by the author in showcasing the dystopian world, where the Democratic Unity of America rules over the majority of the population and how it is different from the people living in exile.

Their only crime being their age, anyone above the age of 40 is forced to retire and  they live to the West of the Unity in Outlands and they come to be known as Siris.

Lieutenant Chui is sent as the person in charge to access the damage and restore the station at Sunprairie. On the day of the reaching the station, she overlooked the damages. While asleep after a day’s work she was kidnapped and her ID chip was removed by a man named Jesse. She then had to follow the man for nearly six months before coming to a place where the older people stayed.

Chui was moved by seeing the ways the Siri’s lived, things she had never seen before in her life, the love among the kids, young and the old. Now she is in a dilemma as to what is captivity, the outlands or the Unity.

The emotion described by the author is just out of the box and strong. You can feel how the characters must have felt when they would have the new world they were never introduced to and the freedom that it brought along with it.

In an epic and compelling story W. Clark has made the book a must read for everyone.

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