Thursday, 8 June 2017

Book Review of Into Autumn.

Book Blurb

Lars is living alone in the Texas countryside when the economy collapses and his world becomes a dystopian nightmare. Joined by outsider Eileen, he and his neighbors band together for survival in their “Peaceful Valley.” They must learn to scratch out sustenance while fending off predatory invasions in an increasingly violent and lethal world. Into Autumn is a sweeping adventure, a thought-provoking saga that could happen to us all.

My Review

Lars the protagonist of the story is fed up with this life and decides to purse his dreams at the age of 54. Lars went on from being a mechanic in his mid twenies to the owner of Lindgren Chevrolet by the age of thirty, he had seen a lot in his life. He decides to live the hustle bustle of the city life and buys a 40 acre land near a river on the county side, so that he can live peacefully. He has everything he needs but he is missing something. He needs a woman in his life, having divorced his wife.

Now the author introduces us to Eileen, who worked in stock markets and after the stock market crashed on one fine day, and the news channels reporting of riots and the disturbance in the world, enough is enough for Eileen. She decides now is the time to leave the city and head south, to go far away from the city life.

On her journey to the south, she happens to drop by at Lars property. She eventually plans to stay with him and falls in love with Lars. But things were not going to be easy there. To be able to protect herself from intruders she has to learn how to shoot and a lot many things this, quite different from the city life.

Things turn around as chaos takes palace, the government is practically non-existent and there violence is on the rise. Lars and his neighbors have to take steps to ensure their safety.

A story of survival under hardships and far from one's comfort zone. Lars and Eileen's story tells you about the survival of the fittest. One should always be aware of one's surroundings where there is no one to take care of you rather than yourself.

I love the emotions the author has put into in the story and the conversations the characters in the story have among each other. Father missing his son and daughter and taking revenge upon killing his neighbors. The author has depicted the story wonderfully and in a way that you will not put stress on you. You will feel as if you are going with the flow of the story. The pace of story plot is great but I felt as if some parts in the story was narrated too much, excepting that I love the story plot as one situation leads to another and how the protagonists of the story face all the mayhem.

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