Saturday, 19 May 2018

Book Review of The Brahmin

Lies, love, deceit when blended together cook up one good story that can ever be and to it add historical significance, you just have prepared just the most perfect story that will make it to the best sellers list. Research, analysis, proof reading there is so much to do before publishing a master piece, and Ravi has just done the perfect job with “The Brahmin.”

Kalinga (currently known as Odisha), has a very historical significance in the creation of Ashoka the Buddhist. But here in the story the author describes the pre-Kalinga war. The protagonist of the story being “A Brahmin”, is ordered by Ashoka to find the culprit behind killing one of his concubines. And he has a few days before his looses his head.

In a series of adventures and events that lead to the culprit, you will be amazed by the sheer audacity of the research the author has done while writing the book.

Mind blowing!

There is yet another historical reference in the novel, now this isn't particularly historical, its mythology. I was just amazed at the versatility of the author to have put so much information in one book. Might be he is planning on publishing the prequel of “The Brahmin.” I wish he does.

No spoilers here. So, just grab the book as soon as you can lay your hands on it.

I received the book from writersmelon.com, in exchange for an honest review.”

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