Thursday, 17 May 2018

Mango people in Banana Republic

The beginning is the end!

Life is so fragile, uncertain that you have to live it every day again and again, repeating the same work, every single day and when you think you had enough of it, it is at that very moment you see a silver lining that gives you the belief and hope that it's not the end.... Actually it's the beginning of a new life.... Like stock market, when you think you are going to lose, and at that very same time you can make profit too....

Keep doing things maybe you are doing a bad thing too. Be so very best at it that, when you are the apex leader you find the true meaning of continuing in that very path… And that life is going to be on a very different path that you were not aware of till this very moment.

So be the best in the business and life will find a way to show you the truth and it's ultimate reason for being with you... Supporting your causes. Giving you all that it needs to survive.

Rest assured, you will attain the freedom that you have been looking for since long.

But you have to Hold on! Till the very end...

Ravi the protagonist of the story is fed up with his life and does something, that forces him to quit the job he had. And he fled to his village to find a peace of life. He encounters India in it bare form, one devoid of water, politicans looting the country for votes and the list continues. But life has other plans for him, when he joins the a maoist group that in Dandakarnya. Eventually he seeks out on a desctructive mission which will take him to another protaginist in the story.

Anand Reddy a former physicist, seeks out in a spiritual quest, where he want to find peace and the true menaing of life. Anand learns the trick of the trade, in the search of one's true self.

Talking about the impact it has on you, as you turn the pages of the book, you too are in the journey of the spiritual quest along with Anand and you too will discover the truths of life. And I believe it will make an impact on your life and will change you for good.

The pace of the story is just awesome, it doen't forces you to move fast or too slow. You will enjoy reading the story. I noticed that the story catches its pace once the two protagonists meet. You will be overwhelmed by the end of the story, as you understand its just the circle of life, that plays over and over again. You can always be grateful to it and nothing else.

Thanks Vishak and WritersMelon for sharing the wonderful book with me. Loved it!

I received a copy of the book, in exchange of an honest review from writersmelon.com

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