Saturday, 17 December 2011


"Don't count the minutes, make the minutes count."
Day in day out we count the number of days, minute and years that are left for us to survive. We all are in the search of that particular moment on which we can count upon the most. But the time flies away, very fast. Rightly it has been said, "Time and tide waits for none."
Now we have to realize how we can make the minutes count. How can we get the very Best from it. So from now on we need to analyze the things that are happening around us. In a football match, the goal that is made in the last second is considered as a Goal. Now, the player had made that second count. That how it works. You need to analyze from every second you live in your life.
Now before going deeper and deeper into this we need to follow some simple steps to make the moment count for us. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve, secondly now you have to believe that, that very thing is going to count for you. Be positive!! And thirdly have an inner urge to get it and have a desire for it.
So from now on don’t delay, don’t give a second thought, don’t doubt, when opportunity is in front of you and when you have the willingness to do that very job go and just give your 100% there. And now you will get the desired results. You do start from nothing and you will see that out if nothing you will find a way and that moment will be valuable for you.
Be grateful to everything you have and every person who has made it happen for you. And when you do it really from heart, the you will see that the closed doors will open for you out of nowhere and you will feel the power within you to make that moment valuable for you. This is the place now, when you make the minutes and moments count for you. And now you have to remember one thing until unless you go and do that job you needed to do from heart, you will never know it will work for you or not. The world makes a room for a man of purpose. And when your purpose is right, then words turn into actions and actions speak louder than words.
And most importantly to make things count for you, Count upon yourself, count on your achievements, on your potentiualand your willingness to achieve the impossible.
The desire you have, the dreams you have dreamt of, the passion and the burning desire is all that you have to count and convert them into reality.