Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Achieve the Invincible and the Impossible

I wonder why people say me that this task is impossible for me and I am not just made for this task. Now they say they can’t solve the problems and they look like mountains. Now again I wonder are they saying that the problem is bigger or they themselves have made the problem big.
Now, I ask them the question, to relate an incident that happened with me a moment ago. The person was discussing some of his problems, of doing the task that was given to him. Now I asked him, let’s take a situation,”You are in a running train, and someone asks you to jump up from the running train. Will you jump?” Came an obvious answer “No, Sir”, “I will never”. Now again the same situation but now the whole train is on fire, “Will you jump now?” Came again an obvious answer, “Yes Sir I will.”
Now analyse this very context. When we are in problems, we don’t doubt ourselves, we don’t limit our possibilities. We look for opportunities in the impossible situation. We light a candle even in the darkest place.
Now this light tears apart the darkness and shows you the way. Way out of nowhere to everywhere!!!
Problems go easy when you never search for an answer for it, rather you do the task that will help you come out of the situation.
When problems arise, do remember if your goals are clear and you want to get it at any cost, just be question less. Now again you analyse this situation. You have a gap between YES and NO. Take for instance NO is 10 steps away from YES. So, when you face a problem, and overcome it you are one step closer to YES and this process continues till YES is reached and you have now overcome 9 more steps to get your goal.
What I want to say is that problems don’t get on added rather the get subtracted and help you to move closer to your goal.
Now again you analyse your present situation. You have enormous potential and “N”, number of ways to achieve the Impossible and to put a stop mark to your limitations. Again analyse this article, why did I come on to write this article, though some years ago I thought I can never ever write it. It is because I analysed my Inner urge to be at my very best and to achieve the dreams that I dreamt of.
And that’s why I have gone on to complete this article of mine.

Kishan Chand Swain