Thursday, 22 December 2011


Life on Earth will persist till the day water, air, earth and the basic necessities of human is fulfilled. So in order to live a life we need to really focus on our strength, the strength to survive, to strive till we reach our goals. Our focus should be on things that are most important in life.
Focus should be on your achievements, on your dreams, on your accomplishments, on your potential. Focus on your strength, realize your inner beauty. Feel the depth of inner urge inside you. Be silent, keep yourself focused, stay jubilant. Now many more are yet to be added. Relax!!! Don’t think much!! Everything is fine. Be an incredible person.
Focus on the present. Now is the time to change the world and to achieve the dreams and to reach the destiny. As such tomorrow is itself late. Now is the best time to be alive and to be productive. Don’t allow idleness to deceive you. Focus on the Best, be the best person, and expect the Best.
Focus on your fears, on your ego,and try to overcome them and get things done. Take risks, raise your bar evey moment, step by step by step and you will find amazing results within yourself. The Best that you can do is all that you can do. Don’t suppress your fears and ego and your bad qualities, realize them and throw them out of your body and from your mind. Then you will find the peace that you were longing to get in your life.
When you overcome your fears then things become more challenging. And more challenging the conditions are the more marvelous is the opportunity. Now focus on your courage to withstand every adversity that will come on your path of success. You have the courage within you and don’t forget it ever. You are born to make spectacular things happen. Focus on this very context of your life.
Focus on your work you love, on where you want to get the Best. Being lost in your path is a part of finding of the part that you meant to be on. Walk on the path where no path has ever led and leave a trail behind. Focus on your decisions, for whatever you now are all because of what you wanted to be and what you decided to be. Sometimes we need to get off track, before we can develop the clarity to develop on track. And this is called your preparation. Focus on your preparation.
Life breaks you so that you can build it better. That is to focus on rebuilding on you. And all you need is to focus on your will power, to get something out of the box, to get things done and to improve your situation.
Focus on mastering your mind and guide it intelligently. And if some part of the universe that needs to be changed is actually in you. And learn to focus on your powers that ever increase.
Focus on the word focus and the amazing results that focus can provide you.
Kishan Chand Swain