Sunday, 27 March 2016

Book Review of In the shadow of the Sphinx

Book Blurb:

In the shadow of the Sphinx is the story of two mature adults who outwardly appear to be happy in their married lives but seek forbidden love.

Serena’s chance encounter in Delhi airport with an enigmatic stranger continues as fate conspires to throw her in Samarthya’s path. Both of them are going to Egypt—she is in a journey of self-discovery and trying to save a marriage that is falling apart, and he on a business trip, holding on to a relationship with his wife that is emotionally dead yet convenient because that allows him the freedom to seek physical love without any emotional encumbrances.

Would Serena find the courage to liberate herself from the broken marriage and seek forbidden love?

Would Samarthya go back to his normal no-string-attached, hectic life as head of a news agency or give another shot in his life?

Are Serena and Samarthya meant for each other?

My Thoughts:

The story line revolves around the two protagonists of the story Samarthya and Serena. The plot is well staged in Egypt and you may use the book as a guide if you are planning to visit Egypt in near future. The story in the beginning is interesting and you will love the narration of the story. 

Everything falls in place and it seems as if the world has conspired for a love to begin in the hearts of the protagonists. Now the story begins to be a bit monotonous without much suspense and you can predict what would happen next between the love birds. Probably you can skip a few pages. The story unfolds the lives of the protagonists in the latter half. The latter half will make you think about how life can change in a blink of an eye and how things can change in an instant.

What will the story unfold in the latter half of the book and will the love birds find their true love?

You need to buy the book to find out that. Happy reading!

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