Tuesday, 15 March 2016

In Conversation with Sarah Elle Emm

In Conversation with the author of Last Vacation

1. What inspired you to write the book?

I grew up visiting the island of St. Croix and later lived there as an adult. I always thought it would be the perfect setting for a fiction novel. Although I was writing young-adult fantasy books, I love reading suspense novels, and eventually I had time to write one and decided to finally use St. Croix as a location.

2. When did you realise that you want to write a book?

I think I was about seven-years-old when I first realized I wanted to write a book. I’ve been dreaming about being a writer since then. No matter how I tried to ignore the urge to write because I didn’t think I was good enough to write fiction, this feeling just kept nagging at me. I am so glad I finally broke down and started writing.

3. Who helped you in writing the book and please say about their contributions?

I wrote the book alone and handed it over to my editor, Sherry. The cover was designed by Natasha Brown.

4. How is your book going to inspire the readers?

I hope it inspires them to stay close to their family if they have one and to give people chances to change for the better.
5. If you are given the chance to change one thing in your book what would it be?
I would make it a series.

6. How do you find time to write and which part of the day is best for writing for you?

These days, I tend to write in the afternoons and evenings, but I am always thinking about writing. I can’t turn it off.

7. Which books have inspired you the most, in the journey of writing this book?

I think I’ve always enjoyed reading thrillers, suspense, and romantic suspense novels by authors like Catherine Coulter and James Patterson, but not one book in particular inspired me. I wanted to write my own suspense novel my way.

8. What is the best advice, you would give for writers who are trying to write a book?

I would tell them to sit down and work on the book until they have finished the first draft before they go back to edit and critique their work.

9. What are your hobbies?

I love reading, writing poetry, being outside, going to church, taking photographs, and just hanging out with my family.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

I plan to write more suspense novels and am also working on another young-adult series.

Author Bio:

Fiction author, Sarah Elle Emm, is a native of Evansville, Indiana and graduate of The University of Evansville. She has lived in Germany, England, Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and traveled extensively beyond. Sarah is the author of LAST VACATION (suspense), and the teen fantasy Harmony Run Series, which includes PRISMATIC, OPALESCENT, CHATOYANT, and NACREOUS. She is also the author of MARRYING MISSY, (women's fiction), a #1 Amazon Best Seller. When she's not walking the plank of her daughters' imaginary pirate ship, she is writing.

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