Friday, 7 October 2016

Book review of Dissent

About the book:

The Times of India ran a short story contest between July, 2015 and May, 2016. Eleven of India’s best selling authors were requested to provide a prompt (one each month) based on which a short story was to be submitted. This short story collection comprises the authors’ submission for each prompt. The short stories submitted cover a range of genres: historical fiction, drama, humour, relationships, current affairs. The author in some instances has tried to give an innovative twist to the prompts, trying to lead the short story away from the direction the prompts indicate. The Times of India is proposing to conduct a Season 2 of the Write India Campaign. This collection should give a taste to aspiring authors of the range and scope of the Campaign, and hopefully encourage them to participate in the same. Further details can be ascertained on the Write India Campaign website.”

My Review:
Dissent is a collection of stories from various genres put together in a form of a book by Deepak Kaul. The stories are intriguing and describe various situations of one’s life, which we normally tend to overlook.
The story Dissent speaks about the fight Ila has to do against her step-mother so that she isn’t forced to marry a guy who have a mind of a 10 year old and his father who only wants his son so that he can take over the cotton farm of Ila’s father.
Another story speaks about a taboo in a family that revolves around Diya, Rishaan and Kiara. Some things that are forbidden are more exciting and what is more exciting will be revealed once you turn the pages of book.
What happens when you meet your ex-girlfriend almost after four years and still longing to see love in her eyes for you. But you know that the love is lost but you still feel that her smile is like a sunshine.
Stories from various form of life are intertwined in a book to from a great read. I liked the stories but it felt like old English where the thoughts and circumstances are put in plain English. I liked the storyline and the presentation.

I receive the book from Writers Melon in exchange of an honest review.