Thursday, 13 October 2016

Book Review of Gypsy Magic

About the book

Gracyn Pierce is starting over. She has a new home, a new boyfriend, and a new horse. Everything is perfect, or so it seems. Because Gracyn left a secret behind. In her quest to erase the memory of that stormy night, she forces herself to study hard, her sights set on an Ivy League college.

But her attempts to stay focused are derailed when the neighbor suspected of murdering his sister returns to town. As if that isn’t enough, her senses begin to change in ways that aren’t physically possible. As hard as she tries to find an explanation, there isn’t one. 

Gracyn soon learns that things are not what they appear to be. Even her sister who took her in is hiding something. Will Gracyn continue pursuing her goal of getting accepted to a top-notch university, or will the secrets of the past and present ruin her future?

My review

Mystery and secrets with even more secrets unfold as you go through the pages. In the very beginning of the story the protagonist of the story says, that until now I didn’t know that I had a sister, as she turns fifteen.

Gracyn the protagonist of the story had to leave her mom and head out to stay with her sister Becca in Sedgewick. On the very first morning she meets Alex, who latter becomes his boyfriend and meets his band when Alex invites him over to a local bar, “The Witches’ Brew.”

What I loved about the story until now and a next few pages was the flow of the story, with new characters being added to the story each bringing with them their element of surprise and  gives you an idea how they are going to influence the storyline.

Amidst the gripping plot you will meet the most surprising character in the story “Gypsy” a horse of strawberry roan and a pretty rare kind of horse.

I never thought that I would read about horses and human beings related in a story, though I love to watch horses roaming gracefully in meadows and vast grasslands in Nat Geo or Discovery Channels, but to read about them was a first for me.

The pace of the story is never hindered even with new characters being introduced but the author has detailed out many instances in the story which I felt could have been left out.

Gracyn discovers that a little girl was murdered and Becca also warns her never to creep into the woods alone. This terrifies her a lot and there are more mysteries that continue to be unrevealed as the story progresses.  Her past continues to hunt her and a history teacher of High school also disturbs her.

How will she fight, as the past continues to linger in her mind and how will she cope up with the little secrets her sister and mother are hiding from her? Continue reading and you will find the answers to all your questions.

I was searching for the magic element to be introduced early in the story but you have to read much further to find the magical elements, which will completely change the plot and will take you into another dimension in the story. By now you will reach the last few pages of the story

Gracyn discovers how she and Gypsy are related and this discovery will change the course of the story as you look ahead for the sequel to be released. I wish it releases soon.

I don’t want to be a spoiler of the story. You have to read to find out the mysteries and magic and the secrets that will be spilled if you hold your nerves and reach the end of the storyline. It will be then where you will appreciate Tonya for her exceptional storytelling skills.

A must read in the YA genre with a great storyline.

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