Thursday, 17 November 2016

Book review of Blood Tide

About the book

Megalops is an Aquarian, a human-dolphin hybrid who lives in one of the many reef-cities that thrive beneath the waves on an Earth ravaged by climate change. Some of the Humans who cling to the barren lands blame Aquarius for their plight and unleashed the Medusa Plague that entombed Megalops's wife and daughter in stone. Tormented by that loss, Megalops dedicates everything to avenging his murdered family, no matter what the cost. He unleashes a Vendetta Virus as cruel and lethal as the Medusa Plague, a bio-weapon that transforms living Humans into Aquarian corpses.  

Ocypode -- one of the heroes who stopped the Medusa Plague -- and his band of Human and Aquarian allies battle desperate odds to prevent Megalops from committing an act of genocide that will escalate into global conflict, dragging the Earth's other humanoid species into the chaos. War demands sacrifice. If Mother Earth and Mother Ocean wage war against each other, will anyone survive?

My Review

I love reading Sci-Fi books and this book is a great read. What I loved about the book was the intensity and preciseness with which the story is told. Though the story is very complex and you may not catch the details in the first place, I would suggest you need to read the first book in order to understand who is what. I was a bit confused in the middle of the story as to who is being killed and for what crimes they committed. But as you read on you will find the book spell binding and also the story plot.

The story is filled with intense violence and killings and the use of technology in the story is just out of the world. I loved the cyber-ghosts who are computers but can reflect the memories and thoughts of a dead person. As you read the book you will find new and myriad number of characters in the story which are created from the author's imagination and have been brought to life in the book.

The imagination of the author is duly reflected in the story as new worlds are introduced with new species of living beings in the story. Hybrids like human-dolphins called as Aquarians and Atavisms human- aquarians hybrids are the characters to look out in the story.

Overall a great book with a gripping storyline and I felt that this book can made into a good Hollywood movie. 

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