Sunday, 6 November 2016

Book Review of First Contact: Strings Attached

About the book

Zalk, an astronomer on an oppressive pre-industrial world, discovers more than just life on the other planet they share their orbit with: he forms a telepathic link with an ambassador from this spacefaring society, who promises wealth and fantastic technology. The catch? Zalk must implement his plans for a mining operation, financed by drops of gold from the heavens.
What exactly are the intentions of this celestial messenger? Can he reconcile with an antagonistic reporter to find out in time? Joining forces may be their only hope to save their world.

My Review

Strings Attached is a work of extreme imagination and creativity. If you love to know about the mysteries of the universe and the weird ways it can work, this is a book for you, to think beyond your wildest of imaginations.

I have always envisioned a world where we can have inter-planetary or inter-galactic football matches or send even mails to other worlds and an even more stunning virtual reality of making an all expenses paid trip to the nearest star.

Paul J. Nelson has created a world of virtual reality where people are able to contact with other worlds telepathically. Zalk a sensitive, of the present Orb (planet) is a scientist whose work is commendable in the field of astronomy. One fine day Zalk is petrified when he looks at the nearest Orb Arken through his telescope and was able to see person inside his house and suddenly the person looks and him and says “Good evening Professor Zalk.”

How is that even possible for someone to feel the presence of another and that also from another Orb? Mystery adds up as Zalk encounters this person (Sorrab) from another Orb. Why did he contact Zalk in the first place and what could be his intension? You will confront delicacy of life and how your choices can affect a generation.

You need to read the story to find out that, as I don’t want to be a spoiler.

What I didn’t like about the characters is the nomenclature (names) of the people of the Orb. Weird names are messy and I had a hard time remembering who is who. And what I didn’t like again was the new words that were introduced in the story. The author has detailed out every single detail of the happenings and that makes the story interesting.

In the end I liked the storyline and the creativity of the author in describing the incidents and also the flow of story which was even throughout my read.

What the story lagged is a composite approach and it became predicable at times as to what will happen next in the story. But with originality imbibed in the story I wish the sequel to be more exciting with more mystery and surprises. 

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