Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Book Review of Ian, CEO, North Pole


Early in his career at the North Pole, Ian is unaware of the impact that Christmas and Santa Claus have on the citizens of the world. However, he soon finds out that it really doesn’t matter what country you call you own or whether you practice a religion, or not. It’s likely that you’ll find youself celebrating a special version of the holiday season. And in so doing you might just be served by Santa, or one of his man helpers around the world. 

Ian, being very bright, is called upon to help Santa keep up with what’s going on in a rapidly changing world. He loves the challenge and excels in his new role. He soon finds himself asked to accompany Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve. What happens during that fateful evening will go down in history! 

My Review

Lovely piece of story and I had a great time reading the story. It was blissful and gave me a peace of mind after reading so much of thriller and mystery with all those action packed moments. This book gave me the much needed respite from the other genre of novels.

It was great reading about Santa and the facts about Christmas and Jesus Christ. It took be back to the school days where we had a great time reading the tales about Santa and how eagerly we waited for Santa to bring us our gifts. I think Santa doesn’t makes any difference in religion and grants all the wishes of lovely kids all around the world irrespective of any religion or culture.

Ian a elf for Santa’s is worried about his job as a packer and gets bored easily and starts day dreaming a lot and after  a few iterations gets a job in the shipping department where finds the right kind of work he wanted to do. He does research about how Christmas is celebrated all around the world and other related stuff.

This book will be a great gift for the children who are starting to read short stories as it is filled with facts and trivia about Jesus Christ, Christmas and related stuffs.

Great book with an incredible story-line!

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About the Author: 

Eric Hansen is a first generation Danish-American. He was born in Philadelphia while his immigrant parents were on their way from Denmark to a new life in southern California. He grew up in Santa Maria, California and now resides in Reno, Nevada. As a former corporate leader, Eric was a firm believer in enabling people to realize their full potential. This is reflected in IAN, CEO, NORTH POLE.